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New teacher diaries | May 21, 2009 >>

Recently I started reading Jonathan Kozol’s “Letters to a Young Teacher.” I’d tried to read it last year, but found it hit a little too close to home, especially when he was fawning over the first-year teacher and I was presiding over total chaos.

New teacher profiles | May 21, 2009 >>

In rain or shine, snow or frigid temperatures or bitter wind — and always without tenure — new teachers at JHS 8 in Queens stood outside the school early every morning for 44 weekdays in a row starting in March to protest an abusive principal.

New teacher q & a | May 21, 2009 >>

If you see such a deduction on your pay stub, you are already contributing to your pension. But that doesn’t mean you are enrolled.

New teacher articles | May 7, 2009 >>

Even if you are facing imminent deadlines, you may be able to fulfill your state certification requirements in the weeks ahead.

New teacher diaries | May 7, 2009 >>

For the first nine years of my teaching career, I taught in the South in an area where there are no teachers’ unions. In fact, I was told upon being hired to not even mention the word.

New teacher diaries | April 23, 2009 >>

Being a part of a 70,000-person-strong rally gave a new teacher a sense of democratic participation that he had really never felt before.

New teacher profiles | April 23, 2009 >>

By becoming a teacher, Laura Breach followed her dream and not her family’s advice. Her students make her glad she did.

New teacher diaries | April 2, 2009 >>

They took the HealthCorps challenge and counted their steps.....until the competition got way out of hand.

New teacher q & a | March 19, 2009 >>

If you are interested in switching from your current school to another school, you have the opportunity to participate in this year’s “open market” transfer plan, which begins in April.

New teacher diaries | March 19, 2009 >>

One of those funny little role reversals about becoming a teacher is that you realize that teachers fantasize about snow days as much as students do, and we feel the bitter sting of disappointment when we face the truism that New York City public schools never close because of snow.

New teacher profiles | March 19, 2009 >>

The loss of her field trip program due to budget cuts hasn’t cut any of HS for Health Careers and Sciences teacher Janine Armstrong’s enthusiasm for teaching.

New teacher diaries | March 5, 2009 >>

A new reading teacher wonders when she will learn not to get to school an hour early to plan lessons she doesn’t get to teach because her principal keeps making her cover other classes.

New teacher q & a | March 5, 2009 >>

Salary step increases are paid automatically through the years as you move up each step of the salary schedule.

New teacher profiles | February 19, 2009 >>

Welcome to the happy and wildly successful life of a man who finally found his calling: Sam Steinberg, educator and, as he calls himself, “a flexidox Jew from the ’hood.”

New teacher diaries | February 19, 2009 >>

A new teacher talks about her success using, a nonprofit organization that matches classroom project proposals from around the country with online donors.

New teacher diaries | February 5, 2009 >>

A new teacher tells of her efforts to get one of her students to read any book he wants, not just those from his “just right” level.

New teacher diaries | January 22, 2009 >>

Ask new teachers about the biggest challenges they face and they might say classroom management, lesson planning or even navigating the various assessments and accountability issues that grew out of No Child Left Behind. But for this new teacher, the biggest difficulty I have experienced is using the copy machine.

New teacher articles | January 22, 2009 >>

High schools with semi-annual reorganization face a few special situations at this time of year. Here are some things to keep in mind as you transition from the fall to the spring semester.

New teacher profiles | January 22, 2009 >>

From growing up in Chicago to getting a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing in Miami to teaching in New York City, Marlon Unas Esguerra says, “the soundtrack of my life has followed me.”

New teacher diaries | December 11, 2008 >>

An unwritten perk of being a high school teacher: there are plenty of opportunities to revisit one’s own high school memories (ah, The Awkward Years, Volume 1). The things that were unfair to me then are still unfair to my students. The things I tried to pull past my teachers then are still attempted in my classroom.

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