News briefs

December 1, 2016

Mixed results for right-to-work measures

In Alabama and Virginia, voters considered measures on Election Day to amend their state constitutions to bar unions from collecting fair-share fees from workers who opt not to join the union even though federal law requires unions to represent all workers in the bargaining unit.

Voters nix measures to raise ed funds in two states
Oregon and Oklahoma voters rejected ballot measures that would have provided extra funding for public schools and teachers.
Charter-backed effort to oust Wash. state judges fails

Three incumbent Supreme Court justices in Washington state won re-election on Nov. 8, surviving a $1.4 million onslaught by charter-school advocates and other conservative groups intent on unseating them

School-takeover amendment defeated in Georgia

Georgia voters rejected a proposal, known as Amendment 1, which would have allowed the state to temporarily take over the lowest-performing schools.

Multilingual education to return in California
Voters in California approved a ballot measure granting the state’s public schools more power to develop their own bilingual and multilingual education programs.
Massachusetts voters reject charter school expansion
A Massachusetts ballot question that would have lifted the state’s charter school cap was overwhelmingly defeated on Election Day. Sixty-two percent of voters rejected the proposal, known as Question 2.

November 3, 2016

High school graduation rate reaches record high

The nationwide high school graduation rate has risen for the fourth consecutive year, according to recently released federal data.

National teacher prep rules announced

The U.S. Department of Education has released new regulations requiring states to issue yearly ratings for preparation programs for new K–12 teachers, determined in part by the academic performance of the students of the programs’ graduates.

Labor movement steps up support for Hillary Clinton

Ramping up efforts to elect Hillary Clinton, seven labor groups joined forces with For Our Future, a Democratic super PAC, and raised $60 million to mobilize working families for the presidential candidate in battleground states.

Chicago teachers avoid another strike

The Chicago Teachers Union narrowly averted a planned strike, announcing a tentative deal with Chicago Public Schools minutes before a midnight deadline on Oct. 10.

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