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May 4, 2017

Dues fully deductible from state taxes

In the new state budget agreement, unions lobbied for and won a provision that will allow private- and public-sector union members to deduct the cost of their union dues from their New York State taxes. Most UFT members who itemize deductions on their federal and state tax returns will save $140 if they are city residents and $85 if they live elsewhere in New York State.

Taking action to avert constitutional convention

Educators, parents and colleagues from a neighboring school gathered in the school library at the Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences in East Flatbush, Brooklyn on April 4 to send postcards alerting New Yorkers to vote no to a state constitutional convention when it comes before them on the November ballot.

Mulgrew: #PublicSchoolProud campaign remains important

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said it’s time to once again ramp up the union’s #PublicSchoolProud campaign to combat the bad news and actions that continue to come from Washington, D.C.

4.5% salary increase starts on May 1

The salaries of UFT members employed by the DOE increased effective May 1 as part of the 2014 contract.

Busin’ and fussin’ for our kids

With public education at risk from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ privatization agenda, more than 800 UFT members and public school parents journeyed to Albany to call on state lawmakers to protect and support New York City public schools.

Staff at UCP school vote to join UFT

In a 28-0 vote, employees of the United Cerebral Palsy of New York City school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side have elected the UFT as their bargaining representative.

Circular 6 arbitration settlement creates new opportunity for teachers

A recent arbitration settlement both protects members’ contractual rights and will create a new opportunity for high school teachers to work with a maximum of eight students per school year for targeted credit recovery in lieu of their Circular 6 professional activity.

Kansas funding feud

School funding in Kansas was decimated after Sam Brownback became governor in 2011 and started slashing taxes. But the state court is demanding changes.

UFT’s Pallotta elected president

Longtime UFT member Andrew Pallotta was elected to a three-year term as president of New York State United Teachers, the UFT’s state affiliate, at its annual Representative Assembly in April. 
It marks the first time in NYSUT’s 45-year history that a New York City educator is its leader.

State adds $1.1 billion to public school budget

Public education in New York will get an additional $1.1 billion in the new state budget, while two UFT-supported provisions from the previous budget remain intact, making it possible for public schools to retain much-needed funds.

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