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October 5, 2017

Second lump-sum payment coming this month

UFT members who worked for the DOE between 2009 and 2017 will receive a lump-sum payment of 12.5 percent this October, representing one-seventh of the amount they have accrued between 2009 and 2017.

Looking classy!

As the 2017 school year got under way on Sept. 7, schoolyards and hallways were filled with tears and cheers, questions and answers, hopes and dreams.

Labor stands tall

As threats to workers’ rights multiply at the state and federal level, about 600 UFT members marched in the annual Labor Day Parade on Sept. 10 to show their support for the labor movement.

Are you a constitutional convention expert?

The Nov. 7 ballot will ask New York voters if the state should hold a convention to rewrite its constitution. Take this quiz and test your knowledge about a state constitution.

UFT helps nearly 7,000 avoid termination

Staff at the UFT Certification Department helps members navigate the certification process and rescues applications that are endangered because of bureaucratic oversights and other reasons.

Reduce your child care, medical and Rx costs

If you spend a lot each month on child care, or your out-of-pocket spending on health care is burdensome, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year in federal and Social Security taxes by enrolling in the city’s Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Program.

Honoring commitment and public school pride

Teacher Union Day, which takes place this year on Sunday, Nov. 5, commemorates the 1960 strike that put the newly formed UFT on the path to being the activist organization it is today.

Three units vote to join UFT

The UFT scored three more organizing victories in the health care and nonprofit education sectors this summer.

Supporting Spectrum strikers

UFT members were among the thousands of union members who came out on Sept. 18 in support of the 1,800 Spectrum workers who have been on strike for six months against the cable giant to keep the company from destroying their retirement and health benefits and threatening their job security.

Family fights for UFT-represented staff at preschool

Parents, shocked by high turnover and minimal wages at their daughter’s Brooklyn preschool went to bat for the beleaguered workers. Now, the UFT is trying to negotiate a first contract.

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