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March 2, 2017

The power of love

Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day — love for public schools, that is. In the face of the threat to public education posed by the Trump administration and its new education secretary Betsy DeVos, educators, students and parents across the city demonstrated why they love their public schools.

UFT delegates vote to endorse de Blasio for re-election

UFT delegates voted overwhelmingly to endorse the mayor’s re-election bid set for this coming November. “We are blessed that we have a mayor who will stand with every single public school teacher to defend our profession and the right to be unionists,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said.

DeVos squeaks in as education secretary

Betsy DeVos was narrowly approved as education secretary by the Senate following a bruising confirmation process and a deafening public outcry over her nomination.

Nominate Brown to TRS board

All UFT members are being urged by the union’s leadership to sign nominating petitions to re-elect Tom Brown to another three-year term as a trustee on the Teachers’ Retirement System board.

The haves and the have-nots

In roughly 200 New York City school buildings, public schools have been forced to share quarters with charter schools. That arrangement has given many public school educators a front-row seat to witness the glaring inequities

UFT: Extend the tax on millionaires

UFT President Michael Mulgrew urged state lawmakers on Feb. 14 in Albany to fully fund the foundation aid that New York City schools need — and to extend and enhance the millionaire’s tax to help pay for it.

Mapping the way to success

What if a geography lesson was like playing a murder mystery game? That’s one of the workshops offered at this year’s UFT Middle Schools conference.

Union to hold its first Tier VI pension workshop

The UFT will hold its first-ever citywide Tier VI Pension/Tax-Deferred Annuity workshop on May 18, at union headquarters, 52 Broadway, Manhattan, from 4:15 to 6:15 p.m.

Union asks lawmakers to fund foundation aid

At the UFT’s annual Legislative Reception at the Corning Tower Observation Deck in Albany, nearly 200 state government officials and other guests got a bird’s-eye view of the capital and an overall look at the union’s legislative priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

NYC graduation rate hits a record high

High school graduation rates hit a record high and the dropout rate sunk to a record low, according to data released by the DOE on Feb. 10.

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