Secure your future

Secure your future | October 6, 2016 >>

The third week in October is National Save for Retirement Week. Congress began this effort in 2006 to raise awareness about the importance of retirement savings.

Secure your future | September 8, 2016 >>

The UFT and its allies — the American Federation of Teachers, the AFL-CIO, the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems and the National Education Association — are leading the fight to protect public pensions.

Secure your future | July 7, 2016 >>

The legislative session that recently ended in Albany is a lesson in why we, at the UFT, remain on the lookout when it comes to our members and their pensions.

Secure your future | June 2, 2016 >>

Thanks to the strength of the and its negotiating power, the salaries of UFT members employed by the Department of Education have regularly increased. When they retire, members receive a defined-benefit pension, employer-provided health insurance that eventually supplements Medicare and, for most members, income from a Tax-Deferred Annuity.

Secure your future | May 5, 2016 >>

When you retire, you have another important decision to make: “Should I take the Maximum Retirement Allowance or select an option that provides for beneficiaries but reduces my monthly pension check?”

Secure your future | April 7, 2016 >>

Remember the old joke, "If I knew I was going to live so long I would have taken better care of myself"?

Secure your future | April 7, 2016 >>

Women 65 and older typically have an income that is 25 percent lower than men, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security.

Secure your future | April 7, 2016 >>

Thirty million Americans used money from their retirement savings to respond to an emergency in the past year.

Secure your future | April 7, 2016 >>

It's important that every member of TRS review and update beneficiary forms after a marriage, the birth of children, a divorce or any change in familial circumstances.

Secure your future | March 3, 2016 >>

Just as we help the first-year teacher with professional development and support, the union provides plenty of information and one-on-one meetings for those thinking about their futures.

Secure your future | February 4, 2016 >>

With tax documents arriving in the mail and while finances are on the brain, it’s a good time to review a valuable resource you should take advantage of: the Tax-Deferred Annuity program.

Secure your future | January 7, 2016 >>

In-service members can sleep well at night knowing that the union has your back if you are seriously injured on the job or suffer a debilitating medical or emotional disability.

Secure your future | December 3, 2015 >>

One of the most difficult topics to contemplate is what will happen to your family after you die. It probably will be upsetting for your spouse or children to discuss as well.

Secure your future | November 5, 2015 >>

Did you know that more than 70 percent of Teachers’ Retirement System members participate in the Tax-Deferred Annuity program? The TDA is designed to help TRS members build a more secure retirement while at the same time reducing what they have to pay in taxes each year.

Secure your future | September 10, 2015 >>

With the start of a new school year, we are excited to bring you information you need to secure your future.

Secure your future | July 10, 2015 >>

Members who retired between Nov. 1, 2009 and June 30, 2014 have received a lump sum for their retroactive pay raises under our 2014 contract with the Department of Education. The Teachers’ Retirement System is now recalculating the pensions of thousands of UFT members who retired during that time period to ensure that their pensions incorporate these salary raises.

Secure your future | June 4, 2015 >>

June 2015 marks the 80th birthday of Social Security and the 50th birthday of Medicare. Instead of “Happy Birthday,” the song verse that comes to mind is by the well-known labor troubadour Joe Glazer.

Secure your future | May 7, 2015 >>

The United Federation of Teachers in March celebrated our 55th anniversary − 55 years since New York City teachers united for their joint welfare and to provide strong support to the children they taught.
One of the many areas in which the union has made a huge difference for members is retirement security.

Secure your future | April 2, 2015 >>

One of the most important decisions you will make as you prepare for retirement is where to live. Considering that New York City has been called a retirement village, you will probably not be surprised that the vast majority of Teachers’ Retirement System members remain in the metropolitan area after they retire.

Secure your future | March 5, 2015 >>

The Tax-Deferred Annuity program is a very popular supplemental retirement program plan through which you can save additional money for your retirement on a tax-deferred basis.

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