Vperspective | March 5, 2015 >>

It has been a truly great year for CTE, and there is more to come. The stars are aligned for us, with support plentiful at the city, state and federal levels. Everyone is looking to CTE.

Vperspective | February 5, 2015 >>

Constantly organizing new members is critical to the health of every union, and the UFT is no exception. Unions must either grow or decline; a union that is not expanding is in trouble.

Vperspective | January 8, 2015 >>

The Astor Foundation grant to develop and support early childhood literacy will be the perfect partner to our already thriving efforts to nurture childhood literacy via our partnership with the AFT and FirstBook.

Vperspective | December 4, 2014 >>

"As long as there are students at this school, we are here to teach them." This is the sentiment echoed by educators at the 15 high schools citywide that are phasing out.

Vperspective | November 6, 2014 >>

Our new contract provides welcome time for professional development, parent engagement and other professional work. Now how best to use it? The ASD Nest program offers a valuable model.

Vperspective | October 2, 2014 >>

We now have a chancellor who is committed to creating the space for the necessary conversations and teamwork between educators and parents and, thanks to our new contract, we have at least 40 minutes of every school week to devote to parent engagement. So how do we best engage parents as our allies in the education of their children?

Vperspective | September 4, 2014 >>

A new pilot initiative this school year has the potential to reinvigorate the parent-school connection that has become frayed in many of our middle schools.

Vperspective | June 26, 2014 >>

No one should have to go to work while sick. Whether you’re a nurse, a child care provider, a charter school teacher or any other worker, working while sick is bad for you, your family, your colleagues and those you serve.

Vperspective | June 5, 2014 >>

The schools in the New York Performance Standards Consortium are raising academic standards while endowing students with a lifelong love of learning, all without relentless test prep. Now that is exciting.

Vperspective | May 15, 2014 >>

In this column, Vice President for Education Carmen Alvarez share her thoughts on how the chancellor’s vision can be operationalized in the realm of special education.

Vperspective | April 17, 2014 >>

Educational equity is a topic that is near and dear to early childhood educators. It is a subject that can never be exhausted, because we can always learn more and do more to spur great educational outcomes in all of our students, regardless of where they start their educational journeys.

Vperspective | March 27, 2014 >>

The Energy Environment Research Center, the brainchild of high school science teacher Nathaniel Wight and his students at the Bronx Design and Construction Academy, is just one example of the great work that CTE educators and their students do in their schools every day.

Vperspective | March 6, 2014 >>

Teachers instinctively know that helping students develop noncognitive skills — such as self-confidence, perseverance, grit and persistence — contributes to their academic success. New research confirms the vital importance of these skills. 

Vperspective | February 6, 2014 >>

The UFT's new vice president for middle schools introduces himself, describes his passion teaching middle school and says there is an opportunity now in the city to transform middle school education.

Vperspective | January 16, 2014 >>

I am honored to represent you, our union’s approximately 40,000 members who are not employed by the DOE, as the UFT’s first-ever vice president for non-DOE members. Although we are called the United Federation of Teachers, we are a union of professionals and encompass far more than just teachers and other DOE employees.

Vperspective | December 19, 2013 >>

Amid all the upheaval in high schools over the past 12 years, there are success stories that support a different vision. I invite you to consider how the Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School in East Flatbush advances teaching and learning and shared voice.

Vperspective | November 14, 2013 >>

With the encouragement and full support of President Mulgrew, I approached the Department of Education and Cornell University with a proposal to create a consortium to provide schools with a systemic and research-based approach to understanding, assessing and supporting positive student behavior.

Vperspective | October 17, 2013 >>

I’m not against assessments, but we can’t let our efforts targeted toward a test get in the way of igniting that spark of learning in our students. The teachers I meet are staying true to their mission and bringing education to life for their students by adapting the new demands to what they know works.

Vperspective | September 26, 2013 >>

The UFT will, in partnership with the AFT’s Albert Shanker Institute, be co-hosting a conference that will bring together CTE educators, experts and industry partners on Oct. 10 and 11 to map out our vision for the future of career and technical education.

Vperspective | September 5, 2013 >>

I and thousands of others traveled to Washington D.C. on August 24 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, but we also wanted to remind the nation that the dreams that animated the original marchers — jobs, justice and freedom — are still, 50 years later, just that, dreams for many in our country.

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