Jacqueline Diaz-Olive, Age 76

Jacqueline Diaz-Olive was a dedicated paraprofessional for District 12 in the Bronx for over 35 years. She worked with all grades but was especially devoted to grades 6–8, where students looked to her for guidance. Jacqueline never hesitated to help her colleagues with any on-the-job issues or even personal concerns. She always encouraged other paras to continue their education to reach their goals. Jacqueline’s legacy includes both her eldest daughter and granddaughter becoming teachers. She is survived by her husband James Olive and his children Michael and Pixie Olive along with their children, Carla Diaz-Vazquez and Karen Diaz-Padilla and their husbands Timmy Vazquez and Jabril Padilla, as well as her granddaughters Gabriela and Amalia Vazquez and great-grandson Jeremiah Shelton.

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