Jacqueline Sills, Age 63

Jacqueline Sills

Jacqueline Sills was a UFT member for 41 years, most recently as the dean at PS 721 in Brooklyn working with special needs students. She began her career as a paraprofessional before becoming a teacher. She was the leader at her school for Respect for All, a NYC Department of Education initiative which combats harassment and promotes diversity and unity. Jacqueline was an ordained interfaith minister and was ordained by One Spirit Alliance in 2009. She liked to play cards and loved all genres of music. She also loved family research and enjoyed investigating family origins on

Jacqueline is survived by her parents, Clinton and Hattie Sills; her daughter Simone Sills; granddaughter Niambi Sills-Cameron; and her brothers Prince, Michael, Sean and Tavan.

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