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  • Died March 12, 2016
    Dorothy Kreiselman was a teacher and chapter leader in District 20 in Brooklyn.
  • Died February 22, 2016
    A former English teacher at New Utrecht HS in Brooklyn, Paul was a lover of jazz, literature and movies and believed in education through the arts.
  • Died January 28, 2016
    Kinereth Louise Stubbs taught at PS 192 in West Harlem for 34 years. Teaching was her passion.
  • Died January 23, 2016
    Dr. Felix Carlos Bonilla was a teacher at Newtown HS in Queens for more than 30 years before his retirement in 2010.
  • Died November 21, 2015
    Lisa Moore taught grades 3-5 for 28 years at PS 47 in the Bronx.
  • Died November 15, 2015
    Lennie Brice taught at PS 30 in Manhattan and was a UFT member for 19 years.
  • Died November 12, 2015
    Schaum was a 1st grade teacher in District 12 in the Bronx for 26 years before retiring in 1991.
  • Died October 30, 2015
    She was a counselor and teacher for more than 40 years at PS 61 in the Bronx before her retirement in 1982.
  • Died September 5, 2015
    Ruth Harwayne, a founding member of the UFT, was a business teacher and a SPARK coordinator at Washington Irving HS in Manhattan.
  • Died August 17, 2015
    Lila Goodman was an English teacher at John Dewey and South Shore high schools in Brooklyn.
  • Died June 24, 2015
    Knikia Brown-Lord taught at Project Ready in the Bronx.
  • Died May 11, 2015
    Anna Ext was a teacher and former chapter leader at the HS of Music and Art.
  • Died October 15, 2014
    Sheila Milner was a UFT member for 50 years, most recently as a teacher trainer in Manhattan elementary schools.
  • Died June 13, 2014
    Barbara Kubota was an ESL teacher at PS 90 and Queens Vocational HS in Queens.
  • Died December 31, 2013
    Vincent Jones taught at the Satellite Academy High School, at the Forsyth Street campus.
  • Died June 13, 2013
    Amy Sims served as a UFT chapter leader at City College Academy of the Arts in Manhattan for seven years.
  • Died July 22, 2011
    Michael Zirkel was a UFT member for 30 years, working as an Industrial Arts teacher at Evander Childs HS in the Bronx for much of his career.
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