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This section archives columns, opinion pieces, and letters written by UFT members and officers and published in various newspapers and websites.

Letters to the editor | February 6, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew sent this letter to the New York Times concerning the issue of retroactive pay for teachers.

Op-Eds | January 15, 2014

For the past 12 years, the Bloomberg administration has singled out charter schools for special treatment, a strategy that embittered many ordinary New York City public school parents and children. Here are four steps charter schools should take now to end that divisive relationship.

Letters to the editor | January 8, 2014

This letter was sent to the Z100 radio station after the writer heard an anti-teachers' union commercial on Jan. 8 sponsored by the anti-labor Union Facts.

Letters to the editor | December 16, 2013

Letter to the Queens Gazette from UFT member Ron Isaac.

Op-Eds | November 18, 2013

As Mayor Bloomberg leaves office, it's become apparent that the city has consistently had more money available than the Mayor has maintained. Rather than be fair to city employees, the Bloomberg administration has repeatedly chosen to spend public resources on tax breaks for developers or for consultant contracts on failed or overpriced projects.

Letters to the editor | November 6, 2013

Letter to the Staten Island Advance from UFT member Susan Adams Westerleigh.

Op-Eds | September 19, 2013

Ask what makes a great teacher, and you will get a long list of “must-haves”: intelligence, dedication, knowledge of the subject matter, a keen sense of humor. But anyone who has spent any time in the classroom knows that those ingredients mean very little without the essential spark — a desire to make a difference in children’s lives.

Op-Eds | September 4, 2013

The recent dramatic drop in student scores after the state introduced new tests based on the rigorous Common Core learning standards is a clear demonstration that — after a decade of Mayor Bloomberg's obsession with data, test prep and proclamations of his strategy’s success — our school system needs a new direction.

Op-Eds | August 8, 2013

While lower test scores largely result from more difficult tests, they fly in the face of Mayor Bloomberg’s constant assertions that everything in our schools was getting better, thanks to his leadership.

Op-Eds | June 24, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg claims that times are so tough, there isn’t enough money in the city budget to give city workers, including teachers, the retroactive pay raise they are owed. The truth is that — thanks in part to a strong local economy — the city has generated huge budget surpluses every year.

Op-Eds | April 30, 2013

Most teachers are supportive of Common Core, a national movement designed to foster the critical thinking and depth of knowledge many American students now lack. Yet New York State’s rush to implement the new standards, along with the Bloomberg administration’s obsession with high-stakes testing and its failure to provide a curriculum to help children meet this new challenge, have helped foster the growing opposition.

Letters to the editor | March 6, 2013

The United Federation of Teachers and parent groups, including the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council, have a long history of working together on behalf of New York City’s schools.

Op-Eds | January 24, 2013

Does Mayor Bloomberg really want a new teacher evaluation system? Is it going to be possible to put such a system in place before Gov. Cuomo’s deadline of Sept. 1? The mayor’s recent actions make me pessimistic.

Op-Eds | July 22, 2012

While the fight over closing schools may be hotter than the weather this summer, the evidence shows that this is not a strategy that works to help all New York City kids get the education they deserve.

Letters to the editor | January 13, 2012

Letter to the New York Daily News from UFT member Michael Friedman.

Letters to the editor | January 11, 2012

Letter to the New York Daily News from UFT retiree Vincent Gaglione.

Letters to the editor | January 11, 2012

Letter to the New York Daily News from UFT member Guy Nevirs.

Op-Eds | January 8, 2012

Despite numerous negotiating sessions, the UFT has been unable to reach an agreement with the Department of Education (DOE) on key points of a new teacher evaluation system. We are seeking an agreement that meets the spirit of the teacher evaluation legislation in two important ways.

Op-Eds | October 26, 2011

Pity the poor millionaires. Hedge fund magnate John Paulson — who reportedly made $5 billion personally last year — reacted recently to Occupy Wall Street protesters by talking about how much the top 1% of New York City families pay in income taxes. What he didn't talk about was how the same 1% made nearly half (44%) of all the income in the city, or that when all state and local taxes are taken into account, the richest taxpayers in fact pay a lower percentage of their total income in taxes than do people in the middle.

Letters to the editor | October 17, 2011

Letter to the New York Daily News from UFT Treasurer Mel Aaronson.

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