Op-eds & Letters to the Editor

This section archives columns, opinion pieces, and letters written by UFT members and officers and published in various newspapers and websites.

Letters to the editor | June 8, 2009
The Post's zeal to attack the United Federation of Teachers at every turn apparently resulted in your use of old math-test scores in comparing how our charter school compares with others in New York City.
Letters to the editor | April 21, 2009
We at the United Federation of Teachers are proud of our advocacy on behalf of children and the educators who teach them, and we won't apologize for lobbying for a safety net for those New Yorkers most vulnerable to budget cuts.
Op-Eds | March 28, 2009
Amid the current economic uncertainty, myths are circulating about the pension programs and health insurance for municipal workers Municipal Labor Coalition Chairperson and Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association President Harry Nespoli and MLC Co-Chair and UFT President Randi Weingarten wrote in the Daily News on March 28, “These myths not only misrepresent the problems, they stand in the way of finding realistic solutions.”
Letters to the editor | March 20, 2009
We at the UFT are very proud of the landmark school-wide bonus program that we developed in conjunction with the Department of Education.
Letters to the editor | March 19, 2009
The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) supports preserving the school governance law giving New York City's mayor control of the schools with modifications that improve and strengthen, not weaken the structure.
Letters to the editor | February 23, 2009
Is The Post so virulently anti-union that it views any attempt by teachers to have a say in the running of their schools as a threat to academic quality?
Op-Eds | February 16, 2009

Rebuilding our economy for the long haul — not just to meet today's needs — requires investing in education. President Obama rightly has called for immediate investments to build the classrooms, laboratories and libraries our children require to meet 21st-century challenges and to increase funding for crucial educational programs. But to address the challenges and seize the opportunities of this new century, we must do even more. There are many areas in education around which we need to build consensus. A good place to start would be revisiting the issue of national standards. Abundant evidence suggests that common, rigorous standards lead to more students reaching higher levels of achievement.

Letters to the editor | January 9, 2009

Once again, the New York Post impugns the motives of anyone who questions anything that city schools Chancellor Joel Klein does.

Letters to the editor | October 21, 2008
Your story about the absenteeism crisis in New York City public schools highlights the need for the city Department of Education to hire more attendance teachers as well as more guidance counselors and social workers.
Letters to the editor | October 17, 2008
While it is true that the current economic crisis might require some collective sacrifices on the part of many New Yorkers, the Manhattan Institute’s E. J. McMahon is wrong to target municipal workers’ pensions for so-called reforms.
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