On the Record with Michael Mulgrew

On the Record with Michael Mulgrew - Episode 9: The Bronx Plan with Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza

Traditionally underserved schools in the Bronx, East New York, Brownsville and the Rockaways are getting a boost in the new Bronx Collaborative Schools Plan. Educators in these 50 schools will get to decide what their schools need to thrive — a sea change from the usual top-down decision making process in most public schools. Hear more as UFT President Michael Mulgrew and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza talk about the ‘Bronx Plan’ and why it’s long overdue.

On the Record with Michael Mulgrew - Episode 8: Paid Parental Leave with Greer Hansen-Velazquez

Thinking of starting — or expanding — your family? UFT President Michael Mulgrew discusses paid parental leave with Greer Hansen-Velazquez, who runs UFT parental leave workshops for the expectant mothers, new fathers and adoptive and foster parents who are all eligible for six weeks of paid time off with their new children thanks to this new benefit that the UFT negotiated with the city in 2018.

On the Record with Michael Mulgrew - Episode 7: Teacher of the Year with Alhassan Susso

UFT President Michael Mulgrew and New York State Teacher of the Year Alhassan Susso, a social studies teacher from International Community HS in the South Bronx, talk about the magic of teaching and what it takes to reach students.

On the Record with Michael Mulgrew - Episode 6: Teacher Evaluation with Trisha Arnold

The new DOE-UFT contract reduces the number of observations for the vast majority of teachers. In this episode of On the Record with Michael Mulgrew, the UFT president talks with PS 204K Chapter Leader and member of the contract negotiating team Trisha Arnold about the changes to the teacher evaluation system and how they will benefit teachers.

On the Record with Michael Mulgrew - Episode 5: Women and the 2018 Election

In this episode, United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew interviews Brette McSweeney, the prresident of Eleanor’s Legacy, a women's political organization dedicated to electing Democratic women to office across New York State. They discuss the Baker Project, an effort backed by the UFT to help elect more Democratic women to the New York State Senate.

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