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Testimony | May 10, 2019 >>

UFT Vice President for Academic High Schools Janella Hinds testified before the New York State Assembly on the admissions process for selecting students for the specialized high schools in New York City.

Testimony | May 1, 2019 >>

UFT Vice President for Academic High Schools Janella Hinds testified before the New York City Council's joint meeting of the Committee on Education and the Committee on Civil and Human Rights regarding segregation in New York City public schools. 

Union resolutions | April 17, 2019 >>

The UFT continues to support efforts to expand the definition of academic ability beyond a single test and to ensure that high school admission policies acknowledge the range of talents demonstrated by New York City’s students.

News stories | April 4, 2019 >>

At Forest Hills HS in Queens, Chapter Leader Adam Bergstein and his members have passed a vote of no confidence against their principal.

News | October 23, 2018 >>

The World AIDS Day Student Poster Contest seeks commemorate World AIDS Day, increase awareness of HIV/AIDS and to inspire citizens to action, education and elimination of HIV/AIDS.

Feature stories | September 6, 2018 >>

Students from Manhattan's Maxine Greene HS for Imagination and Inquiry brought history to life through the words of minorities, the working poor, immigrants, rebels and dissenters, at a Lincoln Center performance that capped their two-year AP government project called Voice's of a People's History of the United States.

Editorials | September 6, 2018 >>

New York City has long grappled with the de facto segregation in its schools, especially its eight sought-after specialized high schools, whose students are predominantly white or Asian.

Op-Eds | August 20, 2018 >>

Current proposals to deal with the appalling lack of black and Hispanic students in the city's specialized high schools by creating even more such "exam" schools are feeding the political and media obsession with these schools; at the same time this focus distracts the system from the much larger problem -- the academic isolation that affects tens of thousands of students in roughly 20 percent of city high schools. 

Editorials | July 5, 2018 >>

“Testing is not the be-all and end-all.” That statement would not be surprising coming from a teacher who sees subject mastery in a student’s class performance and work portfolio or from a parent in the opt-out movement. Both know that a child is more than a score on a high stakes test.

News stories | July 5, 2018 >>

The UFT has long argued that students and teachers are more than a single test score. That is why UFT President Michael Mulgrew joined School Chancellor Richard Carranza, Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city elected officials on June 3 to call on state legislators to change a law that requires a single test for admission into the city’s eight specialized high schools.

Op-Eds | May 31, 2018 >>

If New York City is going to have the first-class public education system it deserves, then the new chancellor and the city’s Panel for Educational Policy need to tackle the widespread academic segregation in the city’s high schools — a problem within their power to solve. 

News stories | May 3, 2018 >>

Dedicated high school teachers and outstanding school chapters were honored at the fourth annual UFT Academic High School Awards Celebration on April 13.

Feature stories | March 1, 2018 >>

Jason Garofalo, who teaches math at Marble Hill International HS in the Bronx," makes a point of prizing students’ wrong answers. “I want them to be unafraid to make mistakes, because that’s what math is all about,” he says. “The whole process of making mistakes is how we learn.”

New teacher profiles | January 4, 2018 >>

Immigrant students at the International HS for Health Sciences in Queens can relate to visual arts teacher Gehan Habashy, who was born and raised in Egypt.

Vperspective | December 7, 2017 >>

Educators' pursuit of scholastic excellence for their students and themselves and the advancement of their profession through trade unionism as UFT members are not mutually exclusive.

Feature stories | November 2, 2017 >>

Thanks to its participation in the PROSE program, the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction in Manhattan has introduced an innovative new class schedule that has given teachers and students the gift of time.

Around the UFT | July 6, 2017 >>

The annual Hillcrest HS Spring Festival featured art, music, dance and a parade of elephants — all of them papier-mâché, created by teams of students, for a display called “The Elephant Walk.”

Feature stories | June 1, 2017 >>

Meditation program reaping benefits for students and staff at Bronx HS for Law and Community Service.

News stories | June 1, 2017 >>

Townsend Harris HS, a top-performing Queens school and Banana Kelly HS, a struggling school in the South Bronx, stood side by side as Team High School Award winners at the UFT’s 2017 Academic High Schools Awards Celebration.

News stories | May 4, 2017 >>

Educators, parents and colleagues from a neighboring school gathered in the school library at the Cultural Academy for the Arts and Sciences in East Flatbush, Brooklyn on April 4 to send postcards alerting New Yorkers to vote no to a state constitutional convention when it comes before them on the November ballot.

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