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News stories | March 6, 2014 >>

Goodbye, Joe Shannon. New York City educators thank you!

Around the UFT | March 6, 2014 >>

Kathleen Wesa, a practicing physician from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Service, lectured on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of disease using mind-body therapies and nutritional supplements at a Welfare Fund Medical Learning Series seminar on Jan. 16.

News stories | March 6, 2014 >>

All members of the UFT are being urged by the union’s leadership to sign nominating petitions to elect Tom Brown to a three-year term as a trustee on the Teachers’ Retirement System board.

News | February 21, 2014 >>

The sabbatical memo for the 2014-2015 school year has been posted by the Department of Education.

Editorials | December 19, 2013 >>

A new law in Illinois that cuts the pensions of teachers and other public employees amounts to a theft of these workers’ deferred compensation.

National education and labor news | December 19, 2013 >>

In a landmark decision, a federal judge on Dec. 3 ruled that Detroit is eligible for bankruptcy and that the city can, in its financial restructuring, cut the pensions that retired municipal workers now receive.

News stories | December 19, 2013 >>

Effective Jan. 1, the monthly pre-tax limit will be reduced to $130 per month for the Commuter Card Unrestricted Transit Pass and Access-A-Ride plans.

Know your benefits | November 14, 2013 >>

Read on for some advice on how best to maximize your prescription drug benefit, whether you’re at a doctor’s visit or the pharmacy, or determining how best to order your maintenance medications.

News stories | October 17, 2013 >>

A state judge on Sept. 30 granted a preliminary injunction to the Municipal Labor Committee, a coalition of labor unions representing nearly 500,000 city workers, ordering the Bloomberg administration not to put its health benefits contract for city employees up for bids.

Know your benefits | September 26, 2013 >>

Do you spend a lot out of pocket on child care or medical expenses? You may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year in taxes by enrolling in the city’s Flexible Spending Accounts Program.

News stories | September 26, 2013 >>

Union members have until Oct. 3 to file for financial compensation for economic losses they suffered from working or living around the World Trade Center site after 9/11. However, those suffering from illnesses related to 9/11 have lots of time to seek free health benefits.

News stories | September 5, 2013 >>

The city and the municipal unions reached an agreement on Aug. 27 on the city’s Health Insurance Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit that addressed the unions’ serious concerns about how the city was conducting the audit.

News | August 28, 2013 >>

The city and the municipal unions reached an agreement on Aug. 27 on the city’s Health Insurance Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit that incorporated new protections for members. With these new protections in place, the UFT is alerting its members — both in-service and retired — to submit their documentation by Oct. 4 — the new extended deadline.

News | July 18, 2013 >>

The UFT notified its members on July 18 that a judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order that temporarily stops the city's Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit for health benefits. The union advised its members not to submit at this time any documents or participate in this verification process.

Secure your future | June 27, 2013 >>

Summer is a great time for retirement planning.

News | June 3, 2013 >>

Do you have dependents covered by your city health plan? During the month of June, all New York City in-service and retired members will be receiving a letter from the City of New York Health Benefits Program outlining new paperwork requirements to continue their dependents’ coverage. While the Municipal Labor Committee representing the unions has not agreed to this process, we will keep members informed as to their responsibilities.

Secure your future | May 16, 2013 >>

A small percentage of our retirement funds are invested in creating affordable housing and jobs in New York City neighborhoods. Called economically-targeted investments, these initiatives earn us market-rate returns. We do well by doing good.

News stories | May 2, 2013 >>

Ready-or-Not, which consists of six two-hour sessions, explores in-depth the complex issues of finance, health and happiness that new retirees will face. It is one of a series of programs offered by the union to prepare UFT members for retirement while they are still working.

Union resolutions | April 17, 2013 >>
The UFT resolves to call upon the AFT, the NEA and the AFL-CIO to tell President Obama to fight to protect the social safety net, to not allow any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, and to now allow any change in these programs to measuring inflation by a standard that grows more slowly.
Secure your future | April 11, 2013 >>

Where to spend our golden years? 
Most TRS retirees stay in the NYC area, but some retire as far away as Fiji and Russia.

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