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News stories | November 24, 2011 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew opened the Nov. 9 Delegate Assembly with some good news: in Ohio the previous day, voters turned back by a 61-39 percent margin an attempt to prevent public-sector workers from being able to bargain collectively. He noted that 25 UFT retirees and staffers had been on the ground in Ohio, knocking on doors and making phone calls to talk about the issue and get out the vote.

News stories | November 24, 2011 >>

School secretaries throughout the city are feeling overworked and under pressure as their ranks have thinned as secretaries leave and retire and are not replaced, according to UFT representatives. The number of school secretaries has dropped nearly 15 percent between October 2008, when there were 3,537, and this October, when there were only 3,047.

News stories | November 10, 2011 >>

Budget cuts reported in percentages are troubling enough, but budget cuts reported in the words of teachers in the schools convey the flesh-and-blood wounds that cuts can cause. A new UFT survey of chapter leaders showed teachers fear for their students’ futures as class sizes ballooned over three years and schools lost tutoring, academic intervention services, enrichment classes and support staff.

Around the UFT | November 10, 2011 >>

Chanting “Stop the cuts” and carrying signs that read “These cuts don’t heal” and “No budget cuts,” more than 125 parents, teachers and students rallied against budget cuts to education outside Leon Goldstein HS, in the Manhattan Beach section of south Brooklyn, before school on Oct. 24.

National education and labor news | November 10, 2011 >>

Nearly 300 school districts around the country have eliminated an entire school day each week in a desperate attempt to save money, and more are considering it.
For the first time, the larger, more urban districts are talking about it. At least 292 school districts nationwide have a four-day week, more than double the 120 estimated two years ago

News stories | November 10, 2011 >>

City union leaders joined the leadership and members of the New York State Legislative Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Caucus and the New York City Council Black, Latino and Asian Caucus on Oct. 25 for a press conference on the steps of City Hall to add their voices to the rising call for the extension of the state millionaire’s tax.

Editorial cartoons | November 10, 2011 >>
News stories | November 10, 2011 >>

Standing with teachers and families in front of PS 1 in Manhattan’s Chinatown on Nov. 1, UFT President Michael Mulgrew revealed the results of a new UFT survey that confirm the devastating effects of three years of budget cuts on the city’s schools.

Press releases | November 1, 2011 >>

A UFT survey shows that budget cuts have reached deep into the classrooms of city public schools, with an estimated three-quarters of elementary schools forced to raise class sizes, and more than half of elementary schools having to cut back on tutoring and other academic supports.

News stories | October 27, 2011 >>

With schools and other public services threatened with more budget cuts this year, UFT President Michael Mulgrew joined fellow labor leaders and representatives from community and education advocacy groups at a “99 New York” rally on Oct. 17 on the City Hall steps demanding that the state millionaire’s tax be extended.

National education and labor news | October 27, 2011 >>

While New York City avoided teacher layoffs this year, 80 percent of New York State districts didn’t, for a statewide teacher loss of 3 percent, said the state Council of School Superintendents. This loss of 7,000 of some 220,000 pedagogues in the state was on top of another 4,000 unfilled positions that were eliminated.

News stories | October 27, 2011 >>

At the Oct. 19 Delegate Assembly, the first since the summer break, UFT President Michael Mulgrew reported on principals abusing the teacher evaluation system, the dysfunctional Special Education Student Information System and the need to make the state’s richest pay their fair share of taxes.

News stories | October 13, 2011 >>

Just over a week after President Barack Obama unveiled his American Jobs Act in a nationally televised address to Congress on Sept. 8, UFT President Michael Mulgrew joined city and national political leaders for a Sept. 16 City Hall press conference in support of immediate passage of the bill.

National education and labor news | October 13, 2011 >>
Labor unions are giving their strong backing to President Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act, which will cut payroll taxes for workers and employees and provide funding for school modernization, infrastructure projects and teacher hiring. Obama proposed funding the $447 billion jobs package largely by raising taxes on wealthier households.
News stories | October 13, 2011 >>

As the Oct. 7 deadline fast approached, educators at almost 350 public schools across New York City prepared themselves and their school communities for the crushing loss of more than 700 school support staff — including school aides, parent coordinators, lunchroom workers, crossing guards and others — who were set to be let go by the city in the largest layoff at a single city agency since Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office in 2002.

Testimony | October 11, 2011 >>

Michael Mendel, UFT secretary, testified before the New York City Council Education and Finance joint committee hearing.

Press releases | October 4, 2011 >>

The Bloomberg administration on Oct. 4 asked all city agencies, including the Department of Education, to cut 2 percent from their budgets for the current fiscal year that ends in June 2012 and an additional 6 percent for the next fiscal year. UFT President Mulgrew said, "The schools have taken three years of reductions. Class sizes are skyrocketing all over the system while afterschool programs are disappearing. The schools just can’t be cut anymore."

News stories | September 22, 2011 >>

New and returning chapter leaders hit the ground running as they were welcomed to a new school year — and briefed on the pressing educational and budget issues framing it — at their Sept. 14 citywide meeting held at a packed Shanker Hall at UFT headquarters.

National education and labor news | September 22, 2011 >>

Wisconsin leads the nation in state-aid cuts to schools, according to a new report by the Washington, D.C.-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. To help balance a $3 billion deficit in the 2011-13 budget, caused by munificent tax cuts to upper-income earners and corporations, Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican lawmakers cut state aid to schools by $792 million over two years.

News stories | September 22, 2011 >>

With the city Department of Education announcing the layoff of almost 800 school support staff, including aides, parent coordinators, lunchroom workers, bus coordinators, crossing guards and others, UFT Secretary Michael Mendel joined affected workers, other union leaders, elected officials and parents in denouncing the budget-cutting move at a protest outside DOE headquarters on Sept. 7.

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