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Press releases | May 3, 2019 >>

Rather than raise the existing charter cap, legislators should halt planned growth; then hold charters accountable for admission and discipline policies and how they spend public dollars.

Op-Eds | May 3, 2019 >>

New York State legislators need to halt planned charter school expansions that would only solidify charters as a parallel — but unregulated and discriminatory — school system, one that is draining resources from many of New York’s neediest kids.

National education and labor news | May 2, 2019 >>

Tennessee is on track to create a new state commission that could override local governments’ attempts to limit charter school expansion. Legislation to establish the commission passed both houses of the state Legislature, and Tennessee’s Republican governor, Bill Lee, is expected to sign it.

Education nation | May 2, 2019 >>

The nation’s first-ever strike by unionized charter school teachers occurred in Chicago in December and has set a precedent for other charter schools in the Windy Cindy that are struggling with low teacher pay, crowded classrooms and poor funding. 

President's perspective | May 2, 2019 >>

At long last, the New York State Legislature that is more inclined to support pro-teacher, pro-public school policies. There was no lifting of the charter cap included in this year’s budget. 
But the charter school industry has regrouped. This fight is not over.

Press releases | May 1, 2019 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew joined a group of New York City parent leaders in calling on DOE Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza and Mayor Bill de Blasio to end the DOE's practice of sharing student information with charter schools.

News stories | January 3, 2019 >>

Employees at the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls, a charter school, voted unanimously on Nov. 26 to join the UFT.

Editorials | September 6, 2018 >>

Puerto Rico’s governor is using the damage inflicted by Hurricane Maria as justification to push school privatization. Eleven months after the hurricane, the first charter school opened on the island this August.

News stories | July 5, 2018 >>

The UFT and its state affiliate, New York State United Teachers, won their battle to maintain rigorous certification standards for teachers when a New York State Supreme Court justice on June 19 struck down less stringent regulations established last October by the State University of New York. The union victory was a setback for the charter school lobby, which had pushed for the new rules.

Editorials | July 5, 2018 >>

Success Academy was awash in celebration in June when it graduated its first high school seniors. Founder Eva Moskowitz reportedly shed tears of joy. She had so much to be proud of! Twelve years after opening its first school, the city’s largest charter network was sending all of its first high school graduating class to college. All 16 of them.

Press releases | June 19, 2018 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to a judge's ruling striking down a regulation that would have allowed charter schools to certify their own teachers.

News stories | May 3, 2018 >>

The UFT has successfully negotiated a new four-year contract with four New Visions charter schools, winning a pay increase totaling 8 percent, a shorter work day and a shorter school year.

Feature stories | April 5, 2018 >>

What difference does the UFT make? Members who taught elsewhere share their stories.

Feature stories | April 5, 2018 >>

I have been a New York City public school teacher for 15 years, but early in my career I taught for two years at a charter school in Manhattan.

Feature stories | April 5, 2018 >>

In 2012, when I accepted a position at a charter school, I signed a whole bunch of things, including a piece of paper that said, “In our school, everyone is an administrator and everyone is a custodian.” I thought it was a euphemism for “We all help each other out,” but it turned out that they took it quite literally.

Feature stories | April 5, 2018 >>

We weren’t given the time or support to attend to all the responsibilities of teaching like grading, bulletin boards and reaching out to parents. We had preps, but those were used for data meetings and things like that.

National education and labor news | March 1, 2018 >>

The Chicago Teachers Union announced on Jan. 29 that its members had voted to merge with the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff.

National education and labor news | March 1, 2018 >>

The pro-charter group Families for Excellent Schools announced Feb. 5 that it will cease operations after its founder and CEO, Jeremiah Kittredge, was terminated for “inappropriate behavior.”

Editorials | March 1, 2018 >>

The organization known as Families for Excellent Schools shut down suddenly in February, shortly after its founder and CEO was removed for “inappropriate behavior.”

News stories | March 1, 2018 >>

A federal appeals court on Jan. 30 rejected an attempt by the KIPP charter network to avoid arbitrating a contract dispute with the UFT.

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