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Op-Eds | March 23, 2017 >>

Even as they are pleading poverty to the Legislature in Albany, charter schools across New York State are sitting on nearly half a billion dollars in cash and unrestricted assets.

Op-Eds | March 13, 2017 >>

New York cannot afford for its charters to remain a parallel system that takes public tax dollars yet remains resistant to public disclosure or accountability that would force them to serve all kids.

News stories | March 2, 2017 >>

In roughly 200 New York City school buildings, public schools have been forced to share quarters with charter schools. That arrangement has given many public school educators a front-row seat to witness the glaring inequities

President's perspective | March 2, 2017 >>

When President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos held a meeting at the White House with the “education community” on Feb. 14, it showed the deep disconnect between his administration and the reality of education in the United States.

Op-Eds | February 13, 2017 >>

If charter schools are really public schools, why is so much of the information about their operations private — even secret? New York needs to do more now — especially with President Trump’s pick of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education — to make sure that charters operate for the benefit of the public, not charter operators and their management organizations.

News stories | February 2, 2017 >>

“Charter advocates spin the tale that you can shoehorn charter schools into public school buildings without any repercussions for the children and staff already in those buildings,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew. “It’s far from the truth.”

News stories | February 2, 2017 >>

The UFT has accused KIPP Academy charter school in the Bronx of violating federal labor law in a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Press releases | January 19, 2017 >>

The United Federation of Teachers has accused the leadership of KIPP Academy Charter School in the Bronx of violating federal labor law by actively encouraging employees to decertify the UFT as their collective bargaining representative.

News briefs | November 3, 2016 >>

The national board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has reaffirmed its membership’s call for a moratorium on new charter schools.

News stories | November 3, 2016 >>

New York City public school educators and the union have been going full bore in their efforts to get Hillary Clinton elected president, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said at the start of the first Delegate Assembly of the school year in Shanker Hall on Oct. 19.

Public ed under attack | November 3, 2016 >>

Massachusetts has become a major battleground for corporate education reformers intent on expanding the charter sector this fall. Their goal: to lift the 120-school statewide cap on charter schools. Their vehicle: a binding referendum on the ballot on Nov. 8.

Union resolutions | October 19, 2016 >>

The UFT affirms and supports the NAACP’s position on the grounds that, until charter schools embrace the same challenges that public schools face, the NAACP is right to call for a moratorium on their expansion.

Press releases | October 15, 2016 >>

The UFT issued a statement in strong support of the NAACP's call for a moratorium of charter schools at its national convention on Oct. 15.

Editorial cartoons | October 6, 2016 >>
News stories | October 6, 2016 >>

In the Sept. 13 Democratic primaries, public school advocates backed by the UFT and NYSUT helped defeat a half-dozen challengers who had the financial backing of a super PAC promoting privatization and other schemes that siphon funding from public schools and harm working families.

Editorials | October 6, 2016 >>

Success Academy is calling it “a moral imperative” to double student enrollment in charter schools, from 100,000 to 200,000 students.

News stories | October 6, 2016 >>

Success Acadmy founder Eva Moskowitz demands more public school classroom space, yet a review of public records by the UFT indicates hundreds of seats at her schools remain empty every year as kids leave -- or are pushed out -- and are not replaced.

Op-Eds | September 27, 2016 >>

Charter schools claim to be public schools, but if the less successful students continue to vanish and charters refuse to fill the empty seats, they shouldn’t be rewarded with more space in already overcrowded public buildings, or larger rentals paid for by taxpayers in private space.

News briefs | September 8, 2016 >>

The Southern Poverty Law Center is suing Mississippi over charter-school funding, describing it as an unconstitutional scheme that diverts public tax dollars from traditional public schools.

Editorials | September 8, 2016 >>

Public education is at the heart of the civil rights struggle in the United States. That’s why it’s heartening that two civil rights organizations acting independently of each other — the venerable NAACP and the newly minted Movement for Black Lives — have proposed a freeze on charter schools.

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