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News stories | June 2, 2016 >>

An emotional battle rages over the proposed co-location of a charter school at IS 285 Meyer Levin School for the Performing Arts.

News stories | December 3, 2015 >>

The planned co-location of a Success Academy Charter School in a Far Rockaway school building that already houses two middle schools and an alternative learning center has roused community opposition.

News stories | June 4, 2015 >>

Public schools are once again under threat from Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Wall Street financiers, who are pushing state lawmakers to raise the number of charter schools in New York City and pass an education tax credit that will dramatically lower the taxes of big donors to private schools.

News stories | May 7, 2015 >>

All the improvement plans of three struggling schools in the Bronx in the city's Renewal Program have been thrown up into the air with the planned co-location in their building of a Success Academy. 

Press releases | January 29, 2015 >>

The UFT released a district-by-district study of New York City charter schools that showed charters fall far short of enrolling and keeping the neediest and hardest-to-educate students in the city.

Seeing is believing | December 4, 2014 >>

Charter schools educate fewer high-needs students, yet those that are housed in public school buildings get more capita government school aid. Plus, many charters benefit from hefty amounts of private money.

News stories | November 6, 2014 >>

Even as Seth Low Intermediate School rebuilds under the leadership of a new principal, the co-location of Eva Moskowitz's expanding Success Academy charter in its building has frustrated educators.

News stories | November 6, 2014 >>

Educators at four Harlem district schools say that a Success Academy Charter School has made insulting and insensitive demands for space and facilities since moving into their school building this September.

Feature stories | June 5, 2014 >>

PS 30 in East Harlem does not have the shiny frills of Success Academy, which is co-located in its building, but it has strengthened its community with the help of the UFT community learning schools grant, new partners and programs like reading nights.

News | April 17, 2014 >>

Scores of parents and teachers from Harlem’s long-embattled P811 and PS/MS 149 together with elected officials and community allies rallied outside Department of Education headquarters on April 8 to protest a renewed effort to co-locate a second Success Academy charter school inside their shared school building.

News stories | April 17, 2014 >>

At a time when Chancellor Carmen Farina is calling for more dual language options in the city school system, PS 16's cherished dual language program on Staten Island is increasingly embattled by new schools opening in its building.

News | March 27, 2014 >>

More than 150 parents, educators and community members from PS 149 and P811 gathered on March 10 for a rally backing Mayor de Blasio’s move to halt the expansion of the charter school inside their shared central Harlem school building.

News stories | March 6, 2014 >>

In a long-awaited decision, the de Blasio administration on Feb. 27 nixed nine of the 49 co-locations hurriedly approved in the waning days of the Bloomberg era.

News stories | March 6, 2014 >>

Even as Mayor Bill de Blasio takes welcome steps to require greater scrutiny of co-location proposals, schools dealing with co-locations foisted on them during the Bloomberg years continue to pay a price. A case in point is Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts.

Press releases | February 27, 2014 >>

On Feb. 27, the de Blasio administration announced plans to veto nine planned school co-locations for the 2014-15 school year after determining that they would be detrimental to the existing school communities. UFT President Michael Mulgrew applauded the decision but said that local schools and communities deserved more of a real say on how their buildings are used.

News stories | November 14, 2013 >>

They say lightning never strikes twice, but it has at Andries Hudde MS in Flatbush which for the second time in less than six months has fended off a proposal to co-locate a charter school inside its building.

News stories | October 17, 2013 >>

After being a revolving door for principals for years, IS 78 in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn has finally settled down under a new principal. Student scores have started to trend upward and safety is vastly improved. That’s why the news that the DOE wants to co-locate a K-4 Success Academy School at IS 78 has rocked the community.

News stories | October 17, 2013 >>

The stable community at IS 96 is facing an unprecedented threat from the city’s plan to co-locate a Success Academy charter school in its building next fall. Under the co-location, Success Academy would take 27 out of IS 96’s 62 classrooms – almost half the school.

News stories | October 17, 2013 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew called at an Oct. 2 City Council hearing for all charter schools seeking free space in public school buildings to be required to disclose their financial records, political contributions and other information.

News stories | October 17, 2013 >>

Brooklyn Theatre Arts HS Principal David Ward once worked for the Uncommon Charter Schools network, which is seeking to co-locate a school in his building. “He told me he was happy they’re coming,” said Chapter Leader Suzanne Nelson. “It’s a massive conflict of interest.”

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