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Union resolutions | December 12, 2018 >>

The UFT urges its members to unequivocally support Occupational and Physical Therapists in schools and at union events as we embark on the renegotiation of an equitable contract.

News stories | December 6, 2018 >>

UFT members overwhelmingly ratified a new contract with the city Department of Education that gives members a compounded 7.7 percent pay raise over 43 months, UFT President Michael Mulgrew announced at Teacher Union Day on Nov. 4.

Chapter news | November 28, 2018 >>

As your bargaining representative, the UFT has been working since the spring to finalize a new contract with ADAPT management that provides fair compensation for the difficult and valuable work ADAPT members do.

News stories | November 1, 2018 >>

The tentative DOE-UFT contract announced on Oct. 11 features important improvements for paraprofessionals, including job protections like due process rights similar to those of teachers.

News stories | November 1, 2018 >>

It worked well to reduce paperwork. So the UFT and the Department of Education agreed in the proposed contract to expand the process to resolve other school-based disputes.

News stories | November 1, 2018 >>

The overriding theme of the proposed DOE-UFT contract agreement is empowering educators to fight for the working conditions they need to do their jobs.

News stories | November 1, 2018 >>

In the proposed contract announced on Oct. 11, the UFT has negotiated an expedited process to bring relief to teachers facing oversize classes sooner and to address unresolved violations that must go to arbitration faster.

President's perspective | November 1, 2018 >>

At the heart of this contract is the belief that if you want to achieve something significant, you have to empower the people who do the work.

News stories | November 1, 2018 >>

The Bronx plan in the proposed DOE-UFT contract to help schools that face the most challenges will be open to up to 120 schools, not just in the Bronx. These schools will receive additional funds and strategic support to better address the needs of their students.

News | October 11, 2018 >>

This agreement recognizes your hard work and dedication and empowers us to improve the teaching and learning conditions in our schools so we can provide the best possible education to our students. 

News stories | October 4, 2018 >>

Because you have a union that fights for you, eligible members are entitled to be compensated for the two 4 percent raises that former Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave to members of some municipal unions in 2009 and 2010 but refused to give to public school educators at the time. UFT members currently on payroll who worked for the DOE between 2009 and 2018 will receive in October a lump-sum payment of 25 percent of the amount accrued to date.

News stories | July 5, 2018 >>

Negotiations have begun on the next DOE-UFT contract. The DOE and the union on June 7 held their first bargaining session, attended by members of the union’s 400-member negotiations committee.

News stories | March 1, 2018 >>

In light of the upcoming contract negotiations between the UFT and the Department of Education, the union has asked its functional chapter members for their priorities to ensure that the UFT negotiating committee is aware of these members’ job-related concerns and issues

News stories | February 1, 2018 >>

More than 300 UFT members packed Shanker Hall at union headquarters in Manhattan on Jan. 10 for the first meeting of the negotiating committee that will shape the union’s priorities for its next contract with the city.

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