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News stories | May 2, 2019 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew warned the Delegate Assembly on April 17 that anti-union forces looking to take advantage of the 2018 Supreme Court decision in the Janus case have begun their efforts to weaken New York City public school teachers’ collective power.

News stories | June 7, 2018 >>

With the U.S. Supreme Court possibly days away from issuing a ruling in the Janus v. AFSCME case, UFT President Michael Mulgrew urged chapter leaders and delegates at the May 16 Delegate Assembly to make sure members in their chapters understand what is at stake for them in the case.

News stories | February 1, 2018 >>

With a Supreme Court ruling in the Janus case looming and New York State reeling from a federal tax overhaul, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said the union needs political allies more than ever.

News stories | January 4, 2018 >>

The UFT is putting together a membership team at each school or worksite to speak with members and make sure they are aware of what’s at stake in the anti-union Janus case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

News stories | November 2, 2017 >>

“This union was built on people talking face to face,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew told the Delegate Assembly. And now, he said, these same in-person exchanges are needed to protect the UFT from one of the biggest challenges in its 57-year history: the ramifications of the Janus vs. AFSCME case set to go before the U.S. Supreme Court.

News stories | May 4, 2017 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said it’s time to once again ramp up the union’s #PublicSchoolProud campaign to combat the bad news and actions that continue to come from Washington, D.C.

News stories | April 6, 2017 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew told the March 22 Delegate Assembly that a new challenge to the “fair share” fees that public-sector unions collect from workers who don’t become members could reach the Supreme Court by the fall.

News stories | January 5, 2017 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew told the Dec. 14 Delegate Assembly that education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos has spent her entire life "attacking public education and workers' rights."

News stories | December 1, 2016 >>

The Nov. 9 Delegate Assembly, coming on the day after Election Day, was suffering from a collective election-results hangover of, well, Trumpian proportions.

News stories | November 3, 2016 >>

New York City public school educators and the union have been going full bore in their efforts to get Hillary Clinton elected president, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said at the start of the first Delegate Assembly of the school year in Shanker Hall on Oct. 19.

News stories | May 5, 2016 >>

At the monthly Delegate Assembly on the afternoon following the New York State presidential primaries on April 19, UFT President Michael Mulgrew thanked the many UFT members who volunteered for the union’s Hillary Clinton campaign, but then he quickly turned his focus to the battle ahead in November.

News stories | March 3, 2016 >>

The UFT launched its Union Loud and Proud campaign at the Feb. 3 Delegate Assembly in response to the relentless attacks by right-wing billionaires on teachers unions and the rest of organized labor.

News stories | February 4, 2016 >>

An online survey conducted during the January Delegate Assembly confirmed the difficulties with school safety and discipline that educators are facing.

News stories | December 3, 2015 >>

The UFT Delegate Assembly put an exclamation point on its November meeting by ending it with a resounding rejection of the education practices of Eva Moskowitz and her Success Academy Charter Schools.
To raucous applause, the delegate body unanimously approved a resolution calling for a moratorium on the opening of new Success Academy Charter Schools pending a full investigation of the disciplinary policies and high rate of suspensions at current Success schools.

News stories | November 5, 2015 >>

At the first Delegate Assembly of the 2015-16 school year, UFT President Michael Mulgrew asserted that “every year there is a crisis.” Then he revealed the reasons why this year will be no different.

News stories | July 10, 2015 >>

Even as the UFT continues to combat attacks intended to undermine public education, UFT President Michael Mulgrew told delegates that the union must also celebrate the great work that members do in New York City public schools every day.

News stories | June 4, 2015 >>

President Michael Mulgrew told the Delegate Assembly on May 20 that the union is fighting hard to ensure that the mandated changes to teacher evaluation in New York City produce a system that is as fair, reasonable and simple to understand as possible under the circumstances.

News stories | May 7, 2015 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew informed the April 15 Delegate Assembly of developments at a federal level that could provide long-term relief for students and educators fed up with high-stakes testing.

News stories | April 2, 2015 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew opened the Delegate Assembly on March 25 by thanking delegates for the union’s outstanding work in countering Gov. Cuomo’s destructive education agenda.

News stories | March 5, 2015 >>

The UFT Delegate Assembly on Feb. 11 approved one resolution endorsing David Kazansky for election as a teacher-member of the city’s Teachers’ Retirement Board and another calling on the city Department of Education to restore comprehensive hearing-screening program for young students.

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