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education law and policy

Op-Eds | June 29, 2009 >>

The New York State Senate's failure to act on the issue of school governance in New York City is cause for great concern for parents, students and those of us at the UFT.

Op-Eds | February 16, 2009 >>

Rebuilding our economy for the long haul — not just to meet today's needs — requires investing in education. President Obama rightly has called for immediate investments to build the classrooms, laboratories and libraries our children require to meet 21st-century challenges and to increase funding for crucial educational programs. But to address the challenges and seize the opportunities of this new century, we must do even more. There are many areas in education around which we need to build consensus. A good place to start would be revisiting the issue of national standards. Abundant evidence suggests that common, rigorous standards lead to more students reaching higher levels of achievement.

Q & A on the issues | December 5, 2008 >>

This Q&A, issued by the DOE, answers questions about the “highly qualified” designation for special education teachers.

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