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News | September 3, 2013 >>

Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, accompanied by UFT President Michael Mulgrew and AFT President Randi Weingarten, stopped in at two Ozone Park, Queens, schools on Sept. 3 to greet teachers as they arrived to prepare for opening day.

News | August 21, 2013 >>

Bill Thompson, the UFT’s endorsed candidate for mayor, released a new 30-second television ad on Aug. 21 entitled “Fixing Our Schools,” that lays out his vision for New York City schools.

News stories | August 8, 2013 >>

With six weeks remaining before the Sept. 10 Democratic primary, the UFT has kicked into high gear to make sure that Bill Thompson will become the city’s next mayor. The growing momentum comes as polling shows Thompson well-positioned to win a runoff.

News stories | June 27, 2013 >>

The UFT’s Delegate Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to endorse Bill Thompson to become the next mayor of New York City. “This is one of the proudest moments of my life,” Thompson told a press conference after the delegates voted at the June 19 meeting at union headquarters.

Editorials | June 13, 2013 >>

It could not be clearer now why the UFT’s members, their families and friends need to unite behind a candidate and come out in force to vote in the mayoral primary election on Sept. 10.

News stories | May 30, 2013 >>

The UFT Delegate Assembly will decide at its next meeting on June 19 whom to endorse for mayor, UFT President Michael Mulgrew told delegates on May 22.

Editorials | May 30, 2013 >>

Since coming into office nearly 12 years ago, Mayor Bloomberg has come across as impervious to criticism and often arrogant in his assurance that he is always right. Lately, though, he has been a little thin-skinned.

News stories | May 30, 2013 >>

He’s been an educator, an activist and an aide to a state assemblyman. Now Mark Treyger, a civics teacher and UFT delegate from New Utrecht HS, hopes to serve his community as the next City Councilman from the 47th Council District in Brooklyn.

News stories | May 30, 2013 >>

Delegates voted to endorse a group of candidates for City Council that included one of the union’s own — Mark Treyger, a Brooklyn high school teacher and a UFT delegate.

News stories | May 16, 2013 >>

The candidates for mayor took turns criticizing Mayor Bloomberg’s education policies at a forum held by the UFT at its annual Spring Education Conference on May 11.

Press releases | May 15, 2013 >>

Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson gave a speech today outlining his vision for the city’s public schools and slamming Mayor Bloomberg’s education policies. Among the goals cited by Thompson, a former head of the Board of Education, were expanding the city’s prekindergarten programs and the number of Community Learning Schools, an initiative that was launched by the UFT.

Editorials | May 2, 2013 >>

Now that the Delegate Assembly has affirmed that the UFT will endorse a mayoral candidate in the primaries, you should take time to talk to your delegates and chapter leaders about which candidate you prefer.

News stories | May 2, 2013 >>

UFT delegates held a lively debate on the pros and cons of endorsing a candidate for mayor before voting overwhelmingly to endorse in the mayoral primary and to “unite behind that candidate in an all-out campaign to elect” that person.

Op-Eds | April 30, 2013 >>

Most teachers are supportive of Common Core, a national movement designed to foster the critical thinking and depth of knowledge many American students now lack. Yet New York State’s rush to implement the new standards, along with the Bloomberg administration’s obsession with high-stakes testing and its failure to provide a curriculum to help children meet this new challenge, have helped foster the growing opposition.

Union resolutions | April 11, 2013 >>

The UFT resolves that the union will endorse a candidate in the mayoral primary and that the union will unite behind that candidate in an all out campaign to get that candidate elected.

News stories | April 11, 2013 >>

The UFT delegates voted overwhelmingly on March 20 to support the 60-member UFT Task Force on School Governance’s recommendations to scale back mayoral control of the school system. “We are telling the city what parents already know: what we have doesn’t work,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said.

President's perspective | February 14, 2013 >>

As the race for mayor quickly approaches, we are looking toward a brighter future than what we have had for the past few years.

News stories | February 14, 2013 >>

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer received the UFT’s endorsement in his run for city comptroller after an overwhelming vote by the Delegate Assembly on Feb. 6.

Around the UFT | December 6, 2012 >>

Billed as an event to make the 2013 election an education referendum on Mayor Bloomberg’s failed education policies, the first rally of New Yorkers for Great Public Schools featured the four leading prospective mayoral candidates telling a crowd of 1,500 at Harlem’s First Corinthian Baptist Church on Nov. 28 what they would do to turn the schools around if they were elected.

President's perspective | November 22, 2012 >>

As we continue to face the tremendous hardship and difficulties that Hurricane Sandy has caused for so many of us and so many of the communities that we serve, we must remember that it is our support for each other and our school communities and our passion for the work that we do that carries us through these difficult times.

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