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Editorial cartoons | November 22, 2012 >>
National education and labor news | November 22, 2012 >>
Union members played a key role — as voters and volunteers — in clinching President Barack Obama’s re-election. The AFL-CIO’s election night polling, done by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, found that union members voted for Obama at a rate of 65 percent to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s 33.
National education and labor news | November 22, 2012 >>
Voters in Idaho and South Dakota overturned harmful education laws promoted by Republican governors. Voters in Washington and Georgia gave a thumbs-up to charter schools.
National education and labor news | November 22, 2012 >>

California voters rejected a measure that would have blocked unions from funding political work with dues automatically deducted from members’ paychecks. But the labor movement suffered a key setback in Michigan, when voters soundly rejected Proposal 2, an amendment that would have enshrined collective-bargaining rights in the state constitution.

National education and labor news | November 22, 2012 >>
California and Oregon passed measures to bolster education funding and Missouri and Arizona turned back measures that would have raised taxes and used the revenue for school funding.
Retired teachers chapter news | November 22, 2012 >>

After some election-campaign hyperventilating for the last few weeks following the puzzling first presidential debate, through the towering strength of President Obama in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, I have been following the advice of stress experts: Take a deep breath and hold it for a count of 4; breathe out ever so slowly, counting 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and RELAX.

News stories | November 22, 2012 >>

Election Day was sweet for UFT members who had worked so hard in the weeks leading up to Nov. 6 to get out the vote for President Barack Obama in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, in a critical Senate race in Connecticut, as well as in key state races.

News stories | October 18, 2012 >>

In addition to its push to help re-elect President Barack Obama, the UFT is working to elect a number of state lawmakers on Nov. 6 who will support public schools, unions and the needs of teachers, parents and children.

News stories | October 18, 2012 >>

With many important state Senate races in November, the UFT on Sept. 24 enthusiastically endorsed Joseph Addabbo Jr. for re-election for a third term representing the 15th Senate District in Queens. The incumbent faces a well-financed GOP challenger.

National education and labor news | October 18, 2012 >>

Big changes to the way that teachers are evaluated and paid, expanded access to charter schools and increased taxes to fund education are on state ballot initiatives and referendums on Nov. 6.

Union resolutions | October 17, 2012 >>

The UFT resolves to join coalitions calling for New York State to adopt a public campaign finance system modeled on that of New York City’s system.

News stories | September 27, 2012 >>

At 7 a.m. on Sept. 13, Primary Day in New York, 20 teachers from PS 239 in Ridgewood, Queens, were outside their school leafleting parents and urging a vote for incumbent Michael Miller for the Democratic nomination to represent the 38th Assembly District.

Editorials | September 27, 2012 >>
For many Americans the most important issue in the presidential campaign is the economy. But there are other key issues that matter greatly to many voters, and one of them is education. The race between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, offers voters one of the starkest choices ever in a presidential election.
National education and labor news | September 6, 2012 >>

Support for Obama from white males without college degrees registers at less than 30 percent, well below the 39 percent he had when he defeated Republican John McCain four years ago. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka wants to change that by mounting what he calls “labor’s largest voter outreach effort ever”

News stories | September 6, 2012 >>

The UFT, through its state organization, NYSUT, has endorsed six candidates for state Senate and 13 candidates for state Assembly who are running in contested races for the Democratic Party nomination in New York City on Thursday, Sept. 13.

News stories | August 2, 2012 >>

UFT-endorsed candidates running in the Democratic Party’s June 26 congressional primaries came out on top. In two of the most hotly contested and closely watched races, Harlem’s 42-year incumbent Charles Rangel clinched re-election in his reshaped district, while in northeast Queens, Assemblywoman Grace Meng had a big win in the borough’s 6th Congressional District.

Retired teachers chapter news | June 28, 2012 >>

Let’s have a frank exchange on the presidential election campaign. Background: The UFT makes endorsement recommendations based on issues of education, labor and human rights for citywide elective offices. Remember Al Shanker’s dictum: Support your friends and oppose your enemies.

News stories | June 14, 2012 >>

Hakeem Jeffries, the assemblyman battling City Councilman Charles Barron in the Democratic primary in the new Brooklyn-Queens 8th Congressional District, said on June 6 that he did not want any help from the anti-union, pro-privatization group StudentsFirstNY, which had announced that it was making a six-figure expenditure in support of Jeffries’ candidacy.

News stories | June 14, 2012 >>

UFT delegates at a special May 23 meeting weighed in on the congressional primary elections on June 26, recommending the endorsement of nine Democratic incumbents facing challenges to their party’s nominations and one hopeful — Assemblywoman Grace Meng — vying for an open seat. 

Union resolutions | June 13, 2012 >>

The UFT's Delegate Assembly authorizes the Executive Board to consider, make, withhold or modify endorsement recommendations to NYSUT consistent with the criteria of education, labor and human rights issues.

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