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Press releases | May 23, 2012 >>

The Delegate Assembly of the UFT on May 23 recommended the endorsement of the following candidates for Congress. The recommendations now go to the union’s state affiliate, the New York State United Teachers, which makes the official union endorsements for congressional races.

National education and labor news | February 23, 2012 >>

The AFT executive council voted unanimously on Feb. 7 to endorse Barack Obama for U.S. president.

Comments | February 2, 2012 >>

I am a proud UFT member who attended the voting rights rally on Dec. 10. I was proud to march for Ruthelle Frank of Brokaw, Wis.

News stories | December 22, 2011 >>

Civil rights pioneer W.E.B. DuBois’ epigram — “The power of the ballot we need in sheer self-defense, else what shall save us from a second slavery?” — was the subtext of the Dec. 10 Stand for Freedom march and rally for voting rights that drew what rally organizers estimated were tens of thousands of demonstrators, including more than 700 UFT members.

Union resolutions | December 7, 2011 >>

The UFT resolves to support and participate in the Stand For Freedom march at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011, United Nations’ Human Rights Day, from the offices of the Koch brothers, major funders of anti-voting measures, located at 61st Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan, to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at the United Nations located at East 47th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan for a rally at 12 noon.

News stories | November 24, 2011 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew joined a host of community and civil rights leaders on the City Hall steps on Nov. 8 — Election Day — to launch the “Stand for Freedom” national voting rights campaign.

Around the UFT | November 24, 2011 >>

UFT-endorsed candidate Dan Donovan was re-elected as district attorney for Staten Island on Election Day. Donovan, a Republican who became the borough’s DA in 2004, was re-elected for the second time with 70 percent of the vote. “Dan has a great record and educators did a great job backing him,” UFT Staten Island Representative Emil Pietromonaco said.

News stories | November 24, 2011 >>

Republican lawmakers in 23 states have passed, tried to pass or are attempting to pass laws toughening voter registration and voting requirements [see map, below] in what critics call the most concerted effort to roll back voting rights in decades.

News stories | September 22, 2011 >>

With a lift from UFT members in a low-turnout election, four of the UFT’s five endorsed candidates were elected to office or won a primary contest on Sept. 13.

News stories | September 8, 2011 >>

This fall’s election cycle offers an opportunity for UFT members in four contested races to elect a Congress member and three state Assembly candidates endorsed by the union to open seats in special elections on Tuesday, Sept. 13. The union also endorsed one City Council hopeful in a district primary.

News stories | November 25, 2010 >>

Blasting the “secret process” by which the mayor selected Cathleen Black as the next schools chancellor, UFT President Michael Mulgrew proposed a resolution at the Nov. 17 Delegate Assembly to fight to change the law to require a public hiring process for chancellor in the future. The resolution passed resoundingly by the delegates.

Retired teachers chapter news | November 11, 2010 >>

Retired Teachers Chapter activists reach out to strengthen the UFT and support in-service colleagues in so many ways that we are now often referred to as the “Daytime Union.”

National education and labor news | November 11, 2010 >>

The Nov. 2 election was about more than who is to blame for joblessness, the flat economy and which party controls Congress, statehouses and governors’ mansions. Some candidates advocated policies ranging from closing the U.S. Department of Education to ending tenure for teachers and privatizing all educational services.

News | November 11, 2010 >>

With all the statewide and local successes, perhaps the sweetest prize of the evening was former Councilman Tony Avella’s upset victory over Republican state Sen. Frank Padavan, who has held the Queens seat for 38 years.

News stories | November 11, 2010 >>

Even as labor’s political support eroded nationally with Republicans regaining control of the House of Representatives, UFT-endorsed candidates scored key victories in city and statewide races on Nov. 2. Both attorney general hopeful Eric Schneiderman and incumbent state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli won their respective contests, which were too close to call before Election Day.

President's perspective | November 11, 2010 >>

On Election Day, we did what the critics thought we couldn’t do. Facing seemingly impossible odds in several key races, we dug in and did the work that we’re known for — grassroots community engagement. We mobilized and we energized, house by house and neighborhood by neighborhood. And in 157 of 170 races where we made endorsements, we won, picking up two important Senate seats along the way.

News | November 3, 2010 >>

Even as labor’s prospects grew dimmer nationally as Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives, UFT-endorsed candidates scored key victories in city and statewide races on Nov. 2.

News | November 2, 2010 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew met with UFT volunteers on Nov. 2 in the State Senate district in Queens where Tony Avella is challenging a Republican incumbent as the union made a final push for its candidates in hotly contested city and statewide races.

National education and labor news | October 28, 2010 >>

With all the talk of a Republican base energized even as Democratic voters suffer an “enthusiasm challenge,” unions nationwide are deploying tens of thousands to prevent Democrats from losing congressional majorities on Nov. 2. Concern with anti-labor ballot measures passing in several states is energizing the get-out-the-vote effort, too.

News stories | October 28, 2010 >>

In the statewide race for comptroller, the UFT is making a big push for Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli. “As comptroller,” union President Michael Mulgrew said, “Tom DiNapoli is a strong defender of defined-benefit retirement plans, an opponent of efforts to privatize such plans, and an excellent steward of the state’s finances. He also doesn’t — and won’t — blame public employees and retirees for the state’s insolvency.”

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