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News | October 26, 2010 >>

With the balance of power in the U.S. Congress in play, UFT volunteers are working overtime to re-elect Democrat Michael McMahon to the U.S. House of Representatives in a hotly contested race against conservative challenger Michael Grimm, a political newcomer.

News | October 19, 2010 >>

In the statewide race for comptroller, the UFT is making a big push for Democratic incumbent Tom DiNapoli. “As comptroller,” union President Michael Mulgrew said, “Tom DiNapoli is a strong defender of defined-benefit retirement plans, an opponent of efforts to privatize such plans, and an excellent steward of the state’s finances. He also doesn’t — and won’t — blame public employees and retirees for the state’s insolvency.”

Retired teachers chapter news | October 14, 2010 >>

Pollsters and pundits cite mounting evidence to support the prediction that the upcoming November general election will result in an even greater midterm correction than is historically normal for the political party in power.  If the talking heads are correct, Democrats may be facing a bloodbath of losses.

News stories | October 14, 2010 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew announced NYSUT’s support for Tony Avella, the Democratic nominee, in his state Senate race against Republican incumbent Frank Padavan in Queens’ 11th Senate District.

President's perspective | October 14, 2010 >>

On this upcoming Election Day, Nov. 2, our votes must clearly say — enough is enough! We are not going to stand for the reckless teacher bashing, the relentless political attacks on public-sector employees, or the efforts to undermine the middle class. It’s time to stand up and turn out the vote.

News stories | October 14, 2010 >>

Jobs. Justice. Education. These were the rallying cries in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 2, as hundreds of thousands of Americans descended on the National Mall for the historic One Nation Working Together march and rally. The event, which featured passionate speeches from civil rights, labor and other progressive leaders, took place in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial where 47 years earlier Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech at the March for Jobs and Freedom.

News stories | September 30, 2010 >>

Among the 29 UFT-endorsed candidates victorious in the Democratic Party primary, three were incumbents targeted for defeat by deep-pocketed charter school backers whose dollars facilitated a blitz of slick advertisings and mailings trashing union teachers.

News stories | September 30, 2010 >>

Third in the polls as late as midsummer, UFT-endorsed state attorney general candidate Eric Schneiderman topped his closest of four opponents by 3 percentage points in the Sept. 14 primary.

Linking to learning | September 30, 2010 >>

Elections are opportunities for teachers to enrich their daily curriculum with current and real-life lessons about how democracy in American society operates. Here are a few websites that can help you expand how you use the teachable moments that elections provide.

News | September 15, 2010 >>

Twenty-nine of 31 UFT-endorsed candidates scored smashing victories in the Democratic Party primary election on Sept. 14. “This was a very good night to be in the UFT,” said UFT President Michael Mulgrew, as many of the defeated candidates were heavily supported by the for-profit charter industry and its hedge-fund-manager allies.

News stories | September 9, 2010 >>

The UFT, through its state organization, NYSUT, is making political news this year — not just for the candidates it is endorsing, but because of those it is not. That knock in place of a nod goes to 28 incumbent state lawmakers who voted this year to disinvest in public schools and public services.

News stories | September 9, 2010 >>

While other UFT members took graduate courses, worked summer school and at children’s camps, and vacationed, high school social studies teacher Gregg Lundahl was petitioning for a place on the Sept. 14 Democratic Primary ballot.

National education and labor news | September 9, 2010 >>

Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty is in a tight primary race, trying to use the success of schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee in narrowing the city’s vast achievement gap separating white and African-American students as his Election Day trump card.

News | August 24, 2010 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew on Aug. 24 announced the UFT’s endorsement of Eric Schneiderman for attorney general of New York State. The state senator from upper Manhattan and the Bronx was described by Mulgrew as “one elected official who works and communicates with the community. He knows that that makes us all stronger and makes for better government.

News stories | June 17, 2010 >>

The UFT has given its enthusiastic endorsement to Washington Irving HS chapter leader and union activist Gregg Lundahl in an effort to oust incumbent Assemblyman Jonathan Bing. The Upper East Side Assemblyman was the chief sponsor of now dead-in-the-water state legislation that would have given the DOE unchecked power to lay off whom it chooses.

Around the UFT | May 6, 2010 >>

Leaders of the 2.5 million-member state AFL-CIO joined other union officials for a working breakfast at UFT headquarters on April 12 to announce their endorsement of Manhattan/Queens Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney for re-election.

Around the UFT | April 15, 2010 >>

The UFT and its school-based political captains were out in force for the kickoff to Rep. Charlie Rangel’s re-election campaign rally at Harlem’s Alhambra Ballroom on March 28.

News stories | November 12, 2009 >>

Of 49 City Council hopefuls endorsed by the union, 47 were elected to four-year terms on Nov. 3. The union’s choices for city comptroller and public advocate — Councilmen John Liu and Bill de Blasio, respectively — romped to victory.

News stories | October 29, 2009 >>

With the Nov. 3 election just days away, UFTers are coming out in force to support their union’s endorsed candidates.

News stories | October 29, 2009 >>

After a spirited debate, the UFT delegate body voted overwhelmingly on Oct. 14 to postpone a resolution to endorse William Thompson and to remain neutral in the upcoming mayoral election.

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