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News stories | October 15, 2009 >>

The UFT’s two endorsed candidates for citywide office, John Liu for city comptroller and Bill de Blasio for public advocate, easily defeated their opponents in the Democratic Party primary runoff election where the organization and enthusiasm of UFT members made a huge impact.

News stories | October 1, 2009 >>

Key UFT-endorsed candidates came out on top in this year’s Democratic Party Primary election, and it was UFT members who made the difference.

News stories | September 17, 2009 >>

Getting behind candidates that support the union’s agenda, the UFT made endorsements in two citywide races as well as the contest for Manhattan district attorney in the last week of August and first week of September.

Press releases | September 3, 2009 >>

The UFT on Sept. 3 endorsed Bill de Blasio, Democratic candidate for public advocate. In making the announcement, UFT President Michael Mulgrew praised de Blasio’s proven track record of championing public education and the needs of working-class New Yorkers. “The UFT is proud to endorse Bill de Blasio, who has distinguished himself by consistently fighting the good fight on behalf of better public schools and working families,” said Mulgrew.

Press releases | September 2, 2009 >>

The UFT on Sept. 1 endorsed John Liu, Democratic candidate for city comptroller. In making the announcement, UFT President Michael Mulgrew praised Liu’s exemplary record as a smart fiscal steward as well as his work to enhance and protect the lives and livelihoods of working families around New York City. “John’s vision, strong leadership skills and fiscal know-how make him the best candidate in this race in a field of very strong contenders,” said Mulgrew.

Press releases | August 26, 2009 >>

The UFT on Aug. 26 announced its support for Cy Vance, Democratic candidate for Manhattan District Attorney. UFT President Michael Mulgrew cited Vance’s plans to prevent school bullying, protect teachers and staff, work closely with schools to help prosecute and prevent domestic violence and sex crimes, and keep schools safe. “Cy Vance is a leader with principles,” said Mulgrew.

News stories | August 13, 2009 >>

As a public sector union, the UFT must take politics seriously and do it well. It takes a united membership willing to be active politically and contribute financially to the union’s political action fund.

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