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National education and labor news | October 4, 2018 >>

The drinking water at 57 Detroit schools has tested positive for high levels of lead and copper. This means more than half of the 106 schools in Michigan’s largest school district have water unsafe for consumption. T

News stories | October 4, 2018 >>

The absence of air conditioning in many schools made both teaching and learning conditions arduous during the first week of school, prompting the UFT to ask members to document conditions as the first step of a campaign to demand action from city and state agencies.

News | June 11, 2018 >>

Download the presentations from the UFT's Safety and Health trainings on June 7, 2018. 

Labor spotlight | March 1, 2018 >>

Government regulations protect workers by ensuring safe workplaces and fair wages and by preserving their right to join a union. President Trump is determined to deregulate.

News stories | March 1, 2018 >>

A "Know Your Rights” coalition led by the UFT and health care advocates — including Nordstrom’s Stuyhealth — came together to raise awareness about 9/11 benefits and compensation.

National education and labor news | February 1, 2018 >>

Baltimore schools have been forced to return millions of dollars in maintenance funds to the state in recent years, leaving repairs to their heating systems unfinished while students shivered at their desks or missed classes during the January cold snap.

News | April 21, 2017 >>

In partnership with the Department of Education and the Department of Sanitation, we are pleased to announce the Zero Waste Schools Awards. Win giveaways and cash prizes for your school while working with your students to improve our environment.

News | February 8, 2017 >>

New state regulations mandating the testing for lead in water in all public New York schools went into effect on Sept. 6, 2016. To comply with these new state laws, the DOE has been testing all water outlets in all New York City schools for lead.

News stories | February 2, 2017 >>

The city Department of Education in January fulfilled its agreement to clear 765 public school buildings of light fixtures containing the probable carcinogen polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, that had threatened the well-being of students and teachers.

Know your rights | June 2, 2016 >>

The UFT’s Safety and Health Department can work with you and your school if you encounter environmental health and safety hazards.

Info you should know | May 5, 2016 >>

New York City began retesting water in all schools built before 1986 in the wake of the discovery of high levels of lead in the water in Flint, Michigan, and Newark, New Jersey, schools.

Education nation | April 7, 2016 >>

When fed-up Detroit teachers staged a “sickout” for several days in January, shutting down all but nine of the district’s 97 schools on one day, they drew back the curtain on the woeful condition of the city’s schools: buckling floors, gaping holes in ceilings, malfunctioning boilers and furnaces, mold and rodents.

National education and labor news | March 3, 2016 >>

Mold, rodents and water-damaged ceilings were among the unsafe classroom conditions cited in a recently filed lawsuit against the Detroit Public Schools by the American Federation of Teachers-Michigan, the Detroit Federation of Teachers and parent groups.

News stories | December 3, 2015 >>

Putting a silver lining around one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history, four Brooklyn schools on Nov. 18 formally launched the Greenpoint Eco-Schools Project, a major conservation and recycling program.

News stories | September 10, 2015 >>

The UFT responded swiftly to the news in late July that the Lafayette Alternative Learning Center was one of four sites that tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease in the South Bronx.

Know your rights | December 4, 2014 >>

Accidents, playground scrapes, bloody noses, fights, athletic injuries and violent episodes all have the potential for exposing you to a 

News stories | September 26, 2013 >>

Union members have until Oct. 3 to file for financial compensation for economic losses they suffered from working or living around the World Trade Center site after 9/11. However, those suffering from illnesses related to 9/11 have lots of time to seek free health benefits.

News stories | May 30, 2013 >>

Following alarming incidents of leaking and smoking PCB-laden light fixtures in New York City public schools this spring, the Department of Education agreed on May 22 to cut in half its time frame for replacing them.

News stories | May 16, 2013 >>

The Department of Education has finally agreed to speed its replacement of light fixtures laden with cancer-causing PCBs that threaten the health and safety of students and staff in 650 city schools.

News stories | May 16, 2013 >>

A group of parents at schools co-located with charters are calling on the state to temporarily halt any construction work by Success Academy Charter School in public school buildings.

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