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Feature stories | March 7, 2019 >>

“My goal is that students start to see themselves as problem-solvers, and that there’s a process by which we approach problems using the lens of the tools we have in class,” says Academy for Software Engineering in Manhattan teacher Jonathan Rothman, who was awarded a 2018 Sloan Award for Excellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics.

Feature stories | February 7, 2019 >>

In William Green’s AP chemistry classroom at Frederick Douglass Academy III in the South Bronx, every student-teacher interaction is deeply informed by Green’s journey from homelessness to becoming a finalist for the 2019 New York State Teacher of the Year.

Feature stories | November 1, 2018 >>

In Evan Alboum’s music class at PS 305 in Ridgewood, Queens, students at every grade level learn to know and appreciate classical music through all their senses. He begins the study of each piece of classical music with movement he choreographs. 

Feature stories | October 4, 2018 >>

Alhassan Susso, who teaches global history at the International Community HS in Mott Haven, has been named the 2019 New York State Teacher of the Year. He draws on his own personal history of overcoming challenges to inspire and motivate his immigrant students.

News stories | July 5, 2018 >>

In May 2017, Emily James, a mother of two and a teacher at Brooklyn Preparatory HS, decided to publish a petition on calling on the UFT and the DOE to implement a paid parental leave policy. In just a few months, James’ petition garnered more than 80,000 signatures and thrust the UFT’s efforts to negotiate a parental leave policy into the spotlight.

Feature stories | July 5, 2018 >>

UFT members Regina Zafonte of the HS for Math, Science and Engineering in Harlem and Alyssa Scherer of PS 64 on the Lower East Side are the recipients of this year's Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award.

Feature stories | May 3, 2018 >>

Christopher Sedita is the founder of the “Green Buildings” program at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers, a career and technical education high school. The program prepares students for careers in 21st-century building design, construction and maintenance by emphasizing sustainability, energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials.

Feature stories | May 3, 2018 >>

The 3-D models that students create in Jawnuta DiSclafani’s architecture class represent more than a class assignment to create a bedroom or design a building. They challenge the students to rethink how they see the world.

Feature stories | April 5, 2018 >>

Henry Rey, a longtime licensed pilot and a teacher at Frederick Douglass Academy Preparatory School I in Manhattan, teaches students math and science through aeronautics and sparks their interest in aviation in a classroom that features four computer flight simulators.

Feature stories | March 1, 2018 >>

For her exemplary blending of science and music instruction, Salguero won the 2018 Grammy Music Educator of the Year award.

Feature stories | March 1, 2018 >>

Jason Garofalo, who teaches math at Marble Hill International HS in the Bronx," makes a point of prizing students’ wrong answers. “I want them to be unafraid to make mistakes, because that’s what math is all about,” he says. “The whole process of making mistakes is how we learn.”

Feature stories | February 1, 2018 >>

Sloan Award winner Krishna Mahabir of Grover Cleveland HS in Queens was recognized for his outstanding work and commitment to students in mathematics and science, but he insists “teaching is an art form.”

Feature stories | February 1, 2018 >>

She was named after Wonder Woman, a fictional comic book superhero. Thirty-four years later, Diana Wright needed the strength and resilience of a superhero to turn the tables on a tragedy.

Feature stories | January 4, 2018 >>

PS 126 teacher finds inspiration for his social studies lessons in the rich history of his Manhattan school's Lower East Side neighborhood.

News stories | December 7, 2017 >>

Forty UFT members, friends and family walked alongside Allison Hayden, a literacy coach and UFT Teacher Center site coordinator at PS 178 in the Bronx, for the 5K New York City Kidney Walk on Nov. 12, just as they had been there for her when she discovered a year ago that she had kidney disease and needed a transplant.

News stories | December 7, 2017 >>

A Brooklyn teacher saved the life of a stranger, donating her kidney to a young mother in need and teaching the students at PS 222 that superheroes really do exist.

News stories | December 7, 2017 >>

A school nurse and her daughter, a substitute teacher, were thrust into the scene of the deadliest terror attack in New York City since 9/11.

Around the UFT | November 2, 2017 >>

Ten educators were honored as New York Daily News Hometown Heroes in Education for their special contributions to improving the lives of the city’s public school students at an awards ceremony on Oct. 5.

Around the UFT | November 2, 2017 >>

“This is not a singular award but an award that belongs to the whole school,” said Wilson Mohr, who teaches at Pathways to Graduation's St. George's Hub on Staten Island, insisted after receiving the Patrick F. Daly Award, an education leadership award.

Feature stories | October 5, 2017 >>

Meet a school counselor, a community school director and a 2nd-grade special education teacher as they kick off the new school year.

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