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News stories | October 5, 2017 >>

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Bryan Platt, a Federation of Nurses/UFT member who works as an operating room nurse at Staten Island University Hospital South, was among those who stepped up to assist.

News stories | October 5, 2017 >>

No one could have known that a chance meeting a decade ago in the schoolyard at PS 45 on Staten Island would one day save a life.

Feature stories | September 7, 2017 >>

Big Apple Award-winning math teacher in the Bronx keeps her 6th-graders interested and engaged with lessons that revolve around math/science inquiry-based projects.

Feature stories | September 7, 2017 >>

When English teacher Leslie Lehrman stepped into the role of master teacher in 2014, she did so out of a desire to take on a more formal leadership role in her school, Lehman HS in the Bronx.

Feature stories | July 6, 2017 >>

Science comes to life for students studying forensics at the Academy for Health Careers in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where experiments motivate them to enjoy learning.

News | May 1, 2017 >>

This year, Governor Cuomo will award 60 teachers from across the state to receive the Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award.

Feature stories | March 2, 2017 >>

Staten Island Technical HS teacher Bianca Brandon, the winner of the Sloan Award for Teaching Science and Mathematics, draws on her experience working for the Chief Medical Examiner's Office to make real-world connections in her forensic science class.

News stories | March 2, 2017 >>

It was a day like no other for DeShawn Woodford, a school security supervisor and UFT member, when she and her driver stopped traffic on the Major Deegan Expressway on Feb. 7 to apprehend a man in an AMBER Alert abduction of his two-year-old daughter.

Feature stories | February 2, 2017 >>

Sonia Dunkley has been a paraprofessional at PS 9 in the Bronx for 24 years. She loves her job so much that over the years she has told each of her four adult children some version of this: “Try what I’m doing and see if you like it.”

Feature stories | January 5, 2017 >>

Two paraprofessionals have developed a variety of clubs focused on math, engineering and technology to help English language learners and students with disabilities at PS 314 in the Bronx. 

Feature stories | January 5, 2017 >>

In most classrooms, you’ll find one or two teachers. In Alexandra Hernandez’s classroom, there are 16.

Feature stories | December 1, 2016 >>

Jim Tabert knew Emil Pietromonaco was headed for bigger and better things at the UFT long before he recommended him to become his replacement as the union’s Staten Island borough representative in 2006.

News stories | December 1, 2016 >>

As a child in Long Island, Amy Spears had a ringside seat for emergencies and life-saving efforts. Her father was a volunteer EMT. On Oct. 20, Spears, now a math teacher at Louis Armstrong MS, was called upon to save a child's life.

News stories | December 1, 2016 >>

Juan Carlos Perez's story of his progress from undocumented immigrant to teacher of immigrant students seems like a classic American success story — yet it is one that could be irrevocably altered by the election of Donald Trump.

Feature stories | November 3, 2016 >>

The guidance counselor and social worker at PS 203 in Queens believe in the same things, finish each other's sentences and walk the hallways in tandem. The school's successful character education program is a march of of the strength of their collaboration.

News stories | November 3, 2016 >>

On Oct. 5, paraprofessional Ursula Simmons and five special-needs students from PS 811 in the Bronx were on a school bus on the Bruckner Expressway when they were hit from behind by a car.

Feature stories | October 6, 2016 >>

"I bring the ‘real world’ into my classroom so that students can engage in literacy practices that define their daily lives and future careers,” says Alex Corbitt, a fourth-year teacher at MS 331 in Morris Heights.

Around the UFT | October 6, 2016 >>

Six New York City teachers have been named winners of the first annual Empire State Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Feature stories | September 8, 2016 >>

In Angela Fremont's art class at PS 69 in Borough Park, Brooklyn, art, social studies, literacy and science are knitted together.

Feature stories | September 8, 2016 >>

There was a red carpet, a barbecue and a DJ. Most of all, there was love as four youngsters “stepped up” on Aug. 5 from UFT member and family child care provider Regina Carlton’s Little Lions Early Learn Academy in East New York, Brooklyn.

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