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News stories | July 7, 2016 >>

Eleanor Roosevelt HS Chapter Leader Arturo Molina won a $30,000 scholarship — one of only four winners — from the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies at the City University of New York.

Feature stories | May 5, 2016 >>

Boxing was a savior for Femi Guri growing up in war-torn Kosovo. Now 27 and a physical education teacher at PS 65 in the South Bronx, he believes that boxing could be a savior for his students.

Feature stories | May 5, 2016 >>

A clutch of students from PS 143 in Corona were hunting for microscopic creatures that inhabit the Hudson River, the river into which they will soon be launching their handmade, 10-foot rowboat.

News stories | April 7, 2016 >>

As one of the stars of “Hamilton,” the Broadway phenomenon, Anthony Ramos has performed for celebrities from Beyoncé to Barack Obama. But he reserves his highest acclaim for someone else: the high school theater teacher who guided him toward a career he had never even dreamed of having.

Feature stories | March 3, 2016 >>

The archery team at the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism in Brooklyn won last year's state championship under the guidance of coach Udi Hazan.

Feature stories | March 3, 2016 >>

“I feel like I’m making dancers,’’ dance teacher Rashamella Cumbo says of her 4th-graders, most of whom she has taught since kindergarten, at PS 191 near Lincoln Center. But by all accounts, she’s doing much more. 

Feature stories | March 3, 2016 >>

For Patricia Ginestri, it meant the difference between isolation and support. For Cassandra St. Felix, it meant getting her job back. And for Gloria Winograd, it meant life-saving health benefits as she tackled Stage 4 cancer. Read their stories and more.

Around the UFT | March 3, 2016 >>
The Municipal Credit Union has named Joseph Usatch, a social studies teacher at IS 311 in East New York, the Most Valuable New Yorker for his charitable work on behalf of the UFT. Usatch received his award during the first time out at a St. John’s University basketball game in Madison Square Garden on Jan. 31.
What I do | March 3, 2016 >>

For 13 years, Peter Chang has worked as a Hearing Education Related Service provider, helping hearing impaired and profoundly deaf students in Manhattan schools find their voices.

Feature stories | February 4, 2016 >>

When Allyson Compton’s 12th-grade students enter her classroom at the HS for Environmental Studies in midtown Manhattan, they become United Nations delegates. What's at stake in the day's session isn't just their grades but the political futures of the countries they represent.

Feature stories | February 4, 2016 >>

When the English language learners in Carlos Rosello’s 9th-grade class at El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice study literature, it’s total immersion. They perform scenes from the novel or play they’re reading in class.

Feature stories | February 4, 2016 >>

Skip the trip to the Galapagos Islands. Instead, plan a trip to Brooklyn to visit Dominica Fiume’s zoology lab at IS 96 Seth Low, one of the UFT’s Community Learning Schools.

Feature stories | January 7, 2016 >>

As part of the union’s Passion and Promise in Our Public Schools campaign, teachers, students and parents thank educators who have inspired them, guided them and changed their lives

What I do | January 7, 2016 >>

Donna Koral has taught adult education and ESL for 29 years, the last seven teaching mostly Hispanic adults in a church community center in Williamsburg.

Feature stories | January 7, 2016 >>

Elizabeth Bonney is willing to try many things to figure out what will help the students in her self-contained special education class at PS 88 in Ridgewood learn — including a monthly visit from Sammy, a therapy dog.

Feature stories | December 3, 2015 >>

Joseph Marschhauser and Norman Ringle have been dear friends for decades. They attended library school together and today both work as librarians at New Utrecht HS in Bensonhurst. Now they have one more thing in common: Marschhauser gave Ringle one of his kidneys.

Around the UFT | November 5, 2015 >>

Six UFT members, including an elementary school teacher who created a robotics program and a physical therapist who builds custom furniture for disabled students, were among the honorees in the 3rd annual Daily News Hometown Heroes in Education Awards.

What I do | November 5, 2015 >>

For three years, Valerie O'Grady has worked at the hospital school at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, where she teaches grades pre-K–12 at the bedside of burn-unit patients and grades 6–12 in a hospital classroom.

Feature stories | October 1, 2015 >>

It’s completely still until dance teacher Michael Kerr, from MS 443 in Sunset Park, strikes the drum and suddenly everyone is in motion. The 6th-grade girls twirl and bend while the boys tentatively reach and arch. 

Feature stories | October 1, 2015 >>

The first day is such a tornado of a day. It’s fun because it’s a jumpstart to the year, but you look forward to the part of the year when you’re in your rhythm again.

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