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What I do | February 23, 2012 >>

District 75 paraprofessional Peña has worked in hospital classrooms for nine years and currently works at Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn.

Around the UFT | February 2, 2012 >>

Dozens crowded the union’s grievance department on Jan. 24 for the dedication of a conference room in memory of Helen Ann Doughty, a special representative whose passion was fighting for the rights and dignity of UFT members.

New teacher profiles | January 19, 2012 >>

Having worked his way up from pot washer to executive chef, Christopher Burgos knows his way around a kitchen. Now he’s getting a feel for the classroom.

What I do | January 19, 2012 >>

A physical therapist for 16 years, Bahr has been practicing at Manhattan’s PS 87 for five years and this year travels to neighboring PS 9 and PS 452 to work there as well.

News stories | December 22, 2011 >>

“There is a sweet spirit in this place,” Dr. Cornel West, dressed in his trademark three-piece suit, pocket watch and scarf, told the packed audience of faculty, staff and students from Harlem’s Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing Arts and Frederick Douglass Academy II on Dec. 5. The Princeton University professor urged students to lead an examined life and to “love learning.”

News stories | November 24, 2011 >>

Young UFT members just finding their union voice and longtime activists without whom the UFT would not be what it is were honored with awards at the Nov. 6 Teacher Union Day event that celebrates the contributions of the union’s own members.

What I do | November 24, 2011 >>

In her third year as a counselor, Sandoval currently works at the East New York Middle School of Excellence in Brooklyn.

What I do | October 27, 2011 >>

A 15-year member of the UFT’s Lab Specialists Chapter, Molinari, who works at Staten Island’s Curtis HS, talks about what she does in a typical school day and how she makes a difference.

Feature stories | October 27, 2011 >>

Student Shemesh DeLeon, the deputy commander of the Air Force Junior ROTC at the Brooklyn Franklin K. Lane Campus, gets to school before 7 a.m. to raise the flag and practice drills — left face, right face, port arms, carry arms — with his unit, looking sharp in his blue uniform.

Feature stories | October 27, 2011 >>

Tradition and technology play well together in Carrie Patterson’s high school English classes at the East Bronx Academy for the Future. Patterson has banished the scourge of all English teachers from her classroom: gone are the stacks of essays, book reports, tests, quizzes, journals and notebooks that teachers have been lugging back and forth from school since the discovery of papyrus.

What I do | September 22, 2011 >>

Howard Sandau, registered Nurse in the Surgical/Intensive Care Unit at Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn, and member of the Federation of Nurses/UFT, shares his work life providing care to patients who are critically injured, either from gunshot wounds or stabbings, or in critical condition from surgical emergencies.

Feature stories | June 23, 2011 >>

Put together Newtonian physics with clinical psychology, sustainable materials and industry experts — and kids are going to have a blast in Scott Hendstrand’s class. Witness the teenagers engaged in the science suite at the Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies, planning, building, experimenting, discussing, laughing, pondering.

Around the UFT | June 23, 2011 >>

23 New York City public school teachers received Outstanding Educator of the Year awards sponsored by Education Update at a ceremony held on June 2 at the Harvard Club in midtown Manhattan.

Around the UFT | June 23, 2011 >>

Twelve of the 18 winners of the 2011 Blackboard Awards were New York City public school teachers singled out by parents, colleagues and students for being outstanding educators. The ceremony was held on June 2 at Fordham University School of Law in Manhattan and sponsored by the publication group Manhattan Media.

Around the UFT | June 23, 2011 >>

It’s said that educators are immortal because the work they do lives on in their students who grow up to move civilization forward. Sidney H. Morison, a pioneering advocate for dual-language education and a fighter for social justice, exemplified this in his 26 years of work at PS 84, the Lillian Weber School, in Manhattan.

Feature stories | June 23, 2011 >>

She stumbled to the doorway of her classroom, clutching her throat, unable to speak or breathe. The fresh fruit salad that Camille Eaddy had been enjoying a moment ago, on a break in her classroom at Brooklyn’s PS 81, had suddenly turned lethal.

Around the UFT | June 23, 2011 >>

Certain chunks of Denis Kogan’s life seem like episodes of “Survivor.” He swam out of a mock helicopter crash in a manmade lake, took a 50-foot parachute jump and defied gravity in a simulated space trip mission, all in the name of science. But his greatest feat is being selected for the 2011 Space Foundation Teacher Liaison Program.

Around the UFT | June 23, 2011 >>

Two UFTers were honored by state legislators in Albany on May 24. The late Janice Reiff, former District 28 representative, was remembered fondly in a resolution mourning her passing. In a separate action, the New York State Senate issued a proclamation publicly recognizing Diane Ganz, the UFT Queens educational liaison.

Comments | June 9, 2011 >>

The obituaries of former Board of Education President James Regan highlighted his achievements, his patriotic and civic mindedness, his career as a teacher at New Dorp HS, his education, his devotion to family, and his abilities to get things done by personal effort and to motivate factional groups to work together for a common cause.

New teacher profiles | June 9, 2011 >>

“Trying to keep 7th-graders interested in ‘Of Mice and Men’ can be difficult when what they’re really interested in is the girl walking by with a hall pass outside the classroom door,” says English teacher Mike Amari. Call it the Zen of teaching adolescents — trying to win their minds while their heads are all over the place — “It’s something you learn to work with,” Amari says.

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