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Feature stories | May 12, 2011 >>

It seems that wherever you look in the area around Staten Island’s PS 57, there are landmarks of Patricia Lockhart’s compassion. Behind the school is Eibs Pond Park, where Lockhart, science teacher and head of the park’s education program, can often be found with her students caretaking the wetlands, one of the Going Green Projects she instituted 15 years ago.

Comments | May 12, 2011 >>

I wonder what percentage of the people who attack public-sector unions were raised in households where parents and/or grandparents were union members.

Comments | May 12, 2011 >>

I was delighted to see Tom Porton prominently featured in the April 28 issue of the New York Teacher.

New teacher profiles | May 12, 2011 >>

His grandmother used to find him singing in front of the mirror, using a broomstick for a microphone. When he was 3 he started singing at church. Today, tenor opera singer Avid Williams, who has been making his living with his voice for 10 years, is making music at Brooklyn HS of the Arts. As director of the choir and the school’s vocal program, this second-year teacher has found his niche.

Comments | May 10, 2011 >>

I am in my 19th year of teaching! How did I make it this far? Well, I’ll tell you. There were people who gave me an opportunity to teach.

Chapter news | May 1, 2011 >>

A lifelong educator, Brooklyn provider Nse Obot never intended to enter early childhood education. But with a background in university admissions and adult and K-12 education, and a commitment to helping low-income youth reach college, he is an ideal child care provider.

Feature stories | April 28, 2011 >>

“I represent senior teachers, who the Department of Education thinks are mummified and collecting dust rather than educating students,” said Thomas Porton, one of only 10 winners nationwide of the 2011 Kennedy Center/Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Awards and the only winner from New York City. Porton has been teaching at Monroe HS in the Soundview section of the South Bronx for 42 years.

Feature stories | April 14, 2011 >>

Teenagers who come to the United States with interrupted formal education, different customs and an alphabet and language that have little in common with English are settling in with help from their paraprofessional at Brooklyn’s MS 2.

News stories | February 17, 2011 >>

Selected by their colleagues and students for their outstanding work in the classroom, 29 career and technical education teachers were honored on Feb. 10 at the UFT’s 2011 CTE Awards Recognition Ceremony held at the union’s Manhattan headquarters.

Feature stories | February 17, 2011 >>

When a student was stabbed in the neck outside the building, school nurse Donald Kastner, of Bronx PS 12, grabbed a pair of exam gloves, gauze and a respirator and ran out into the freezing air. Negro Rivera, 16, had collapsed and a large gash running from his ear down his neck was pumping out blood at an alarming rate.

Feature stories | February 3, 2011 >>

Among the interesting IS 195 students in Harlem about to lose their school are 107 special education kids, 110 English language learners and 38 “SIFE” kids, meaning Students with Interrupted Formal Education. As challenging as they are to teach, a more charming bunch of kids would be hard to find. KIPP charter schools will be expanding and opening a new high school in their space.

Feature stories | January 20, 2011 >>

When 4-year-old Nicole entered her new morning pre-K class at PS 234 in Astoria, Queens, the first week of January, she was newly arrived in the United States from the Philippines. Although fluent in Tagalog, the bright-eyed little girl didn’t speak any English.

New teacher profiles | November 25, 2010 >>

In teacher Jessica Remboulis’ classroom, prime factorization rocks. As math teachers know, breaking down a composite number to its prime is best done by creating a diagram of branches splitting off into smaller branches of smaller numbers, a visual tool called a factor tree.

Feature stories | November 25, 2010 >>

It appears to be an emerald plateau floating high above the din of the city in the South Bronx. Built atop a massive parking garage, Macomb’s Dam Park soccer field is eye-to-eye with the top stories and grand friezes of the new Yankee Stadium, which looms across the street, majestic and gargantuan as a Roman coliseum.

Feature stories | November 25, 2010 >>

Talk to UFT retirees who know what it was like to be a teacher in this city back in the ’50s and ’60s and they will tell you just how far educators have come. Working quietly behind the scenes as coordinator of negotiations for almost every UFT contract since shortly after the founding of the union, Lucille Swaim has been a major player in effecting those extraordinary improvements in salary, benefits and working conditions.

Around the UFT | September 30, 2010 >>
Cafe 8 (the eighth floor of the UFT’s Queens borough office) was decorated on June 24 with beach themes that invoked a summer mood and perhaps a suggestion of retirement mode for five staffers who each had dedicated many years of devoted service to children and union members.
Around the UFT | September 9, 2010 >>
Around the UFT | August 12, 2010 >>

For 44 years at PS 79 in Queens, music teacher Joan Weltz treated every child as a masterpiece. That’s why on June 17, four months after her death following a short and sudden bout with cancer, a cherry blossom tree was planted near the schoolyard’s garden gazebo and the auditorium was renamed the Joan Weltz Auditorium in her honor.

Chapter news | July 29, 2010 >>

“It’s very simple. I’m an old lady who loves her job,” says Johanna Pontillo of Brooklyn’s Franklin D. Roosevelt HS. We think she’s simply being modest. Winner of a 2010 UFT Award for Outstanding Paraprofessional, Johanna is a force of nature and a world-class para, who just happens to be 83.

Around the UFT | June 17, 2010 >>

Teachers and students of PS 16 in Staten Island held a memorial service on May 21 for former teacher Daniel Kelley, who was killed in January while jogging by a driver allegedly high on prescription drugs. Kelley, 23, was in the middle of his first year of teaching special education at the school. His death sent many of his colleagues, students, friends and family members into an emotional tailspin, which was evident at the memorial service, which included a video tribute. “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” said one student, who was not ashamed to shed tears of heartbreak. “He was the greatest teacher ever.”

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