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New teacher diaries | March 1, 2018 >>

My favorite way to study the art of teaching has been to watch other teachers in action. I sit in the back of their class, taking meticulous notes. One day, I went to watch my school’s chorus teacher.

New teacher profiles | January 4, 2018 >>

Immigrant students at the International HS for Health Sciences in Queens can relate to visual arts teacher Gehan Habashy, who was born and raised in Egypt.

Feature stories | January 4, 2018 >>

Coordinator Teresa Devore has worked tirelessly to make the Teacher Center at John Dewey HS a place where teachers can come for advice, resources and support. She focuses in particular on newer teachers, who make up about a third of Dewey’s teaching staff. 

Inside my classroom | December 7, 2017 >>

My students came up with amazing ideas of what people with a growth mindset might say.

New teacher articles | December 7, 2017 >>

Now that the newness of the school year has worn off, you may find yourself hunting for fresh strategies for motivating students to try out as the winter looms.

Around the UFT | December 7, 2017 >>

New members at three large high schools in Brooklyn had the opportunity to learn more about their union on Oct. 25 at Madison HS.

News stories | December 7, 2017 >>

As part of a special effort to engage and inform the union’s newest members, the UFT’s New Member Initiative held meet-and-greet events in each UFT borough office this fall.

Inside my classroom | November 2, 2017 >>

This eraser gumball machine is one of my favorite classroom accessories.

New teacher diaries | November 2, 2017 >>

Sparrows nesting above my school's front entrance listened exceptionally well and requested nothing in return. In their own small way, they kept me going long enough until I found what I needed within myself to do the job well.

New teacher articles | October 5, 2017 >>

The UFT is here to protect the rights of new teachers and support them in their new careers. Whether you have a specific issue you need help resolving or you’re seeking broader support, the UFT is here to help.

News stories | October 5, 2017 >>

UFT members with 1-3 years of service are invited to attend special meet-and-greets for new members with UFT President Michael Mulgrew in each of the UFT’s five borough offices.

News | September 19, 2017 >>

How much should you save for retirement? How does your pension plan work? If you have questions like these, come to a financial wellness workshop for new members.

Inside my classroom | September 7, 2017 >>

Here is an organizational chart I use to give my students ownership of the space from the first day of school.

New teacher profiles | September 7, 2017 >>

It’s all about “kids having access to experiences, whether I do it through being a teacher or being a program director at a museum or being a Girl Scout leader,” says Leslie Martinez, who is starting her third year as a teacher at Manhattan’s Humanities Prep Academy.

Vperspective | September 7, 2017 >>

It’s not easy being a new teacher. There’s so much to learn and navigate. That’s why the UFT has an array of programs to support new teachers as they begin this challenging and rewarding career.

New teacher diaries | July 6, 2017 >>

Antonio was a genuine, square-one beginner when I met him in my English as a New Language class in September. He was on time, seated up straight in the front row, smiling. He had been in this country for just weeks and he was clearly ready to learn. But was I ready to teach him?

New teacher articles | June 1, 2017 >>

With summer inching closer, here are some tips to get your classroom together, review the work you’ve done this year and commemorate a job well done.

New teacher profiles | May 4, 2017 >>

Michael Oeckel, a first-year high school math teacher, employs exaggerated hand motions and expressions and gets students out of their seats to illustrate math concepts to his students who don't speak English.

Inside my classroom | May 4, 2017 >>

I let my students design the bulletin board for our published opinion pieces.

News | March 21, 2017 >>

New teacher sessions have expanded to the UFT's borough offices. The UFT Member Assistance Program, in collaboration with the experts at the UFT Teacher Center, are here to help you get oriented, find your way and accumulate the teaching and learning credits you need for your career!

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