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News | June 21, 2016 >>

A 27.5 percent increase in funding for Teacher’s Choice, the UFT’s top budget priority, was secured for the 2016–17 fiscal year after an intense lobbying campaign by members on social media and by union leaders at Council meetings and hearings.

News stories | June 2, 2016 >>

Maxine Webb joined 900 other nurses across the state on May 10 in Albany for Nurses Lobby Day to urge state legislators to support a bill establishing safe staffing standards in hospitals and nursing homes.

Feature stories | June 2, 2016 >>

From ice cream socials to balloons to superhero costumes, UFT members around the city found unique ways to commemorate the first citywide celebration of public schools on May 4.

News stories | May 5, 2016 >>

This year’s push by parents and educators for additional state funding for public schools paid off when the governor and Albany lawmakers on April 1 finalized a new state budget that contained a $1.4 billion increase in state education funding, with $525 million going to New York City public schools.

Editorial cartoons | May 5, 2016 >>
News stories | May 5, 2016 >>

Hillary Clinton, endorsed by the UFT’s national affiliate the AFT, scored a decisive victory in the April 19 New York State Democratic presidential primary.

News stories | May 5, 2016 >>

At the monthly Delegate Assembly on the afternoon following the New York State presidential primaries on April 19, UFT President Michael Mulgrew thanked the many UFT members who volunteered for the union’s Hillary Clinton campaign, but then he quickly turned his focus to the battle ahead in November.

News stories | May 5, 2016 >>

Hillary Clinton, a surprise guest at NYSUT’s Representative Assembly on April 8, promised the nearly 1,800 delegates that they “will have a partner in the White House” if she is elected president of the United States.

News | April 19, 2016 >>

UFT members are asked to support Hillary Clinton in New York's presidential primary on Tuesday, April 19.

News stories | April 7, 2016 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew on March 16 urged Council members to put additional money in next year’s city budget to support the programs that help teachers help students: Community Learning Schools, the Positive Learning Collaborative and Teacher’s Choice.

News stories | April 7, 2016 >>

UFT members are asked to support Jaime Williams and Yuh-Line Niou for the state Assembly in the special election on Tuesday, April 19, the same day as the state’s presidential primary. Niou will be running in lower Manhattan’s 65th Assembly District for the position formerly held by Sheldon Silver.

President's perspective | April 7, 2016 >>

When New Yorkers vote in the presidential primary on April 19, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

National education and labor news | April 7, 2016 >>

The AFL-CIO has launched a massive campaign to inform voters of the perils of a Trump presidency for working people and unions.

News stories | April 7, 2016 >>

More than 1,000 UFT members descended upon Albany on March 9 to advocate for more state funding for the city’s public schools.

News stories | April 7, 2016 >>

At the March 23 Delegate Assembly, UFT President Michael Mulgrew called for volunteers to work on behalf of Hillary Clinton in light of the increasing probability of a Clinton-Trump battle this fall.
“It’s now at the point that we know what’s in the best interest of the union,” Mulgrew said.

News stories | March 3, 2016 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew urged state lawmakers in Albany to deliver the long-delayed $2 billion owed to New York City public schools as a result of the 2006 settlement of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit.

News stories | March 3, 2016 >>

The UFT filled in state lawmakers about the issues of most importance to New York City educators on Jan. 25, when the union hosted its annual legislative reception at the Corning Tower Observation Deck in the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany. 

News stories | March 3, 2016 >>

The UFT launched its Union Loud and Proud campaign at the Feb. 3 Delegate Assembly in response to the relentless attacks by right-wing billionaires on teachers unions and the rest of organized labor.

Editorials | February 4, 2016 >>

The 2016 presidential campaign already feels like it has gone on forever. But now is not the time to tune out or bail out. Among other things, the party that controls the White House in 2017 will almost certainly play a role in determining the balance of power on the U.S. Supreme Court for years to come.

President's perspective | February 4, 2016 >>

January marks the beginning of the legislative session in Albany and I am happy to report, as we head into the session, that we have seen a lot of positive change on education policy in the last year.

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