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Feature stories | December 6, 2018 >>

Like most educators in professional development sessions, teachers at PS 249 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, discuss theories and best practices. But at PS 249, teachers also get a unique opportunity to test out the strategies they learn on students right away.

News stories | November 1, 2018 >>

A successful UFT pilot program that places teachers from the Absent Teacher Reserve with small groups of students for focused reading instruction will provide more opportunity for ATRs after its inclusion in the DOE-UFT tentative contract agreement.

Feature stories | November 2, 2017 >>

Thanks to its participation in the PROSE program, the Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction in Manhattan has introduced an innovative new class schedule that has given teachers and students the gift of time.

Feature stories | October 5, 2017 >>

Meet a school counselor, a community school director and a 2nd-grade special education teacher as they kick off the new school year.

Feature stories | May 4, 2017 >>

PROSE schools must have a track record of collaboration among administration and faculty. But a number of PROSE schools went a step further by launching a shared-leadership initiative, in which faculty members participate fully in the school’s decision-making processes.

Feature stories | April 6, 2017 >>

Using the PROSE program, the faculty at MS 447 in Boerum Hill is doing something concrete to foster diversity in their school.

Around the UFT | April 6, 2017 >>

About 55 7th-graders from neighboring middle schools have been spending busy Saturday mornings at the test-prep program initiated and led by Brooklyn Latin HS teachers to encourage and prepare local students for the challenging entrance exam required for admission

Feature stories | January 5, 2017 >>

Brooklyn Latin HS's growing reputation as a classical international baccalaureate school since its founding in 2006 has made it more difficult for neighborhood students to gain admission. The school is now using the PROSE program to try to reverse that trend.

News stories | August 4, 2016 >>

Sixteen schools have won approval to join the PROSE program, enabling them to rethink old rules and come up with new ways of managing the school day to enhance student learning, professional development and parent engagement.

President's perspective | June 2, 2016 >>

PROSE exemplifies what the UFT has always sought for the teaching profession: collaboration, greater teacher voice in how teaching and learning is accomplished, opportunities for professional growth.

News stories | June 2, 2016 >>

The success stories of city PROSE schools were featured at an open house at UFT headquarters on May 24 that drew a crowd of citywide school teams hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Feature stories | November 5, 2015 >>

Teachers at Lyons Community School in Williamsburg, Brooklyn maximize the benefits of their 6-12 school with PROSE.

News | July 10, 2015 >>

The UFT and the DOE announced that 64 new schools will join the Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence (PROSE) in 2015. The expansion is going to more than double the total number of PROSE schools, from 62 to 126.

Feature stories | April 2, 2015 >>

Romia Reid, a chemistry teacher at Middle College HS in Long Island City, is a master teacher, one of the new teacher leadership positions created in the 2014 contract, but she says all her teaching ideas come from the other teachers in the school.

News stories | February 5, 2015 >>

Three members at PROSE schools addressed delegates about the changes at their schools at the Jan. 14 Delegate Assembly.

News stories | December 4, 2014 >>

There are now 62 PROSE schools and there is room for at least that many more next year. If you and your school staff are interested in applying, consider attending an upcoming PROSE planning session.

Feature stories | November 6, 2014 >>

Harvest Collegiate HS is using the PROSE provision in the UFT contract to gain more freedom to veer from tradition this year. This year’s plan is to increase teacher leadership positions and conduct a grand experiment in peer evaluation.

News stories | October 2, 2014 >>

Many of this year’s PROSE schools -- 62 schools empowered under the new contract to try far-reaching educational changes -- have an option to use a modified evaluation system this year after the UFT and DOE convinced the State Education Department that the system complies with state law.

News | August 7, 2014 >>

More than 60 schools have gotten the green light to innovate on such things as school schedules, student-teacher ratios or teacher evaluations under a new initiative established by the UFT contract.

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