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Testimony | January 14, 2015 >>

Jeffrey Hoffman, the director of child care policy at the UFT, testified before the New York City Council Committee on General Welfare regarding the oversight of EarlyLearnNYC, the city's contracted child care system.

News stories | June 5, 2014 >>

Fourteen providers were honored at the UFT Family Child Care Provider Chapter’s second annual Provider Appreciation Awards Ceremony.

Around the UFT | April 17, 2014 >>

Around 25 UFT family child care providers gathered on March 26 for a professional development workshop hosted by WNET and the network’s famous Thomas the Tank Engine, the star of its classic animated children’s show “Thomas and Friends.”

Provider News | April 1, 2014 >>

The 2013 market rate for providers is now available.

Around the UFT | February 6, 2014 >>

Teachers have long had a set of national standards that they can meet to demonstrate expertise in their profession, and now family child care providers do, too.

Testimony | October 28, 2013 >>

Director of Child Care Policy Jeremy A. Hoffman testified before the City Council Committees on General Welfare and Women's Issues about the implementation of Early Learn NYC, Mayor Bloomberg’s redesign of the city’s contracted subsidized child care and early childhood education system.

News stories | October 18, 2013 >>

Almost four years after winning their historic first contract, family child care providers represented by the UFT began negotiations in September for a successor agreement with the state.

New teacher diaries | September 26, 2013 >>

I had planned every minute of my first day back at school in September, but I hadn't factored in collaboration.

Provider News | September 17, 2013 >>
Provider News | September 17, 2013 >>

Your union supports you. Now show your solidarity with your union. The UFT’s Family Child Care Providers Chapter is in the midst of an ambitious campaign to sign up every single one of New York City’s 21,000 family child care providers as a card-carrying member of the union.

Feature stories | June 14, 2013 >>

Family child care provider Danna Santana teaches 14 children, ages 10 months to eight years, in her dual language program, Danna’s Family Day Care, in East Elmhurst. This February, she became the first provider to receive national accreditation in New York City.

News stories | May 2, 2013 >>

Pulling together a diverse group of experts, the UFT Family Child Care Providers Chapter held the first meeting of its new advisory board at the union’s lower Manhattan headquarters on April 5.

Around the UFT | April 11, 2013 >>

UFT members of functional chapters — educators whose work generally does not involve standing at the head of a classroom — took part in daylong training sessions held at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, N.Y., on March 9 and 10.

News stories | November 1, 2012 >>

Parents, children and child care providers have been left in chaos in the wake of the Oct. 1 launch of EarlyLearn NYC, Mayor Bloomberg’s long-anticipated and ambitious overhaul of New York City’s early childhood education services, according to officials at the UFT, which represents 21,000 family child care providers.

Editorials | November 1, 2012 >>

The city’s overhaul of subsidized early childhood education services, dubbed EarlyLearn NYC, is wreaking havoc for family child care providers in yet another example of poor management and shameful ineptitude by the Bloomberg administration.

Provider News | October 18, 2012 >>

Mayor Bloomberg’s EarlyLearn NYC redesign of child care, which took effect on Oct. 1, is resulting in payment disruptions for many network providers. Your union is fighting on your behalf to ensure that you get paid for child care services rendered and to get you connected with a new network.

Provider News | September 1, 2012 >>

Thanks to a new partnership between the UFT’s Family Child Care Providers Chapter and public media provider WNET, more than 130 providers are now ready to make science come alive for their students this summer using WNET’s “Sid the Science Kid” Science Camp curriculum.

Provider News | September 1, 2012 >>

In a landslide election victory, UFT Family Child Care Providers Chapter Chair Tammie Miller was re-elected to her position on June 29. Miller’s second term in office officially began on July 1 and runs for three years, until July 2015. Her newly elected colleagues on the chapter’s executive board are also serving three-year terms that began on July 1.

Provider News | September 1, 2012 >>

Peruvian immigrants to the United States, Victor and Zenaida Bernaola never intended to enter the child care field but today run a vibrant, bilingual group family program, Happy Kids, from the comfort of their home in the Fordham section of the Bronx. The Bernaolas’ story is a familiar one in New York, and especially so in the city’s various immigrant communities, which include a substantial number of child care providers.

Provider News | September 1, 2012 >>

The UFT, family child care providers who are represented by the union, and child care advocates are up in arms about major changes to city-subsidized child care set in motion by Mayor Bloomberg.

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