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News stories | October 18, 2012 >>

Roughly 225,000 — or nearly a quarter of the New York City school system’s students — spent part or all of their first days in school in overcrowded classes, according to a UFT survey released on Sept. 25.

National education and labor news | October 18, 2012 >>

The battle over union rights in Wisconsin has moved into the legal arena. Legal experts are watching closely since so little case law exists to address legislation that targets the bargaining powers of public-sector unions.

News stories | September 27, 2012 >>

The recent settlement of a union-initiated grievance provides stronger protections for teachers serving in the Absent Teacher Reserve pool and new provisions governing their assignments.

Press releases | September 25, 2012 >>

A teachers’ union survey of New York City public schools has shown that in mid-September nearly half of the city’s schools had overcrowded classes and the number of overcrowded special education classes in regular schools had more than doubled.

Press releases | September 24, 2012 >>

On Sept. 21 the Department of Education released some misleading information about proposed buyouts for teachers in excess. UFT President Michael Mulgrew said, "Despite the DOE’s mismanagement of the hiring process and the political needs of the mayor, we will continue to fight for the children in our schools, and the rights of the teachers in the ATR pool who are working hard in schools every day."

Editorials | September 6, 2012 >>

The DOE has abdicated its responsibility to provide new teachers with the proper supports that will help them succeed.

National education and labor news | September 6, 2012 >>

Tenure will be harder for New Jersey teachers to get and easier to lose under new legislation that Gov. Chris Christie signed in early August that overhauled the state’s century-old tenure law.

News stories | September 6, 2012 >>

For the second year in a row, only about 2 percent of eligible instructors were denied tenure this year, despite administration statements that it was toughening up the tenure-granting process.

Press releases | August 17, 2012 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew said that the DOE was not doing enough to support new teachers in response to the DOE's announcement that just 55 percent of eligible New York City public school teachers received tenure last year.

News stories | August 2, 2012 >>

In a victory for the UFT, teachers’ positions in 24 “turnaround” high schools are safe after a state judge on July 24 upheld an arbitrator’s decision that the Department of Education could not excess all staff and make them reapply for their positions.

News stories | June 28, 2012 >>

Some 500 UFT members joined thousands more labor and community members for a June 17 silent march against the city’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy.

News stories | June 28, 2012 >>

In a victory for teacher privacy across the state, the state Legislature on June 21 passed legislation that restricts the public release of teacher evaluations, showing teachers the professional respect that the city did not.

National education and labor news | June 28, 2012 >>

The 7,000-member South Dakota Education Association submitted 30,000 petition signatures seeking a November public vote blocking Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s bill giving bonuses to top teachers and phasing out tenure. Some 16,000 valid signatures were needed to get the referendum on the state ballot.

Editorials | June 28, 2012 >>

It took great political effort on the part of the UFT, NYSUT and Gov. Cuomo, but state legislators finally approved a bill that limits public disclosure of teacher evaluations. The measure will allow parents to view the rating and the composite score of their children’s current teachers, but it bars schools from releasing to the public any data that identifies individual teachers and principals.

News stories | June 14, 2012 >>

Following a stipulation brokered by the state labor board, the Department of Education has reminded principals that teachers do not have to work on student goal-setting outside the school day. A notice to that effect was published in the June 6 issue of the Principal’s Weekly.

President's perspective | June 14, 2012 >>

Spreading lies and misinformation about the UFT has become something of a game for City Hall. It’s all part of a strategy to deflect from the public’s overwhelming dissatisfaction with the mayor and his mismanagement of our public schools. The latest salvo shamefully tried to politicize the issue of sexual misconduct against students and get in a few cheap shots against teachers.

News stories | May 24, 2012 >>

Alarmed by Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to reduce the Department of Education’s current obligations to report on class sizes and temporary classrooms, the UFT on May 14 gave written testimony to the City Council registering its opposition to the mayor’s recommendations.

Around the UFT | May 24, 2012 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew joined civil rights activists and union and elected officials at a press conference at UFT headquarters on May 15 in calling for an end to the controversial stop-and-frisk policy employed by New York City law enforcement.

Editorials | May 24, 2012 >>

Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly love to tout New York City’s declining crime rate as something that should make all New Yorkers feel safer, and they are right on that point. But they give a great deal of credit for the decline to the city’s “stop-and-frisk” policy, which critics say amounts to unfair racial profiling of young men of color by police.

News stories | May 24, 2012 >>

After refusing the union’s suggestions for two years, the city had a surprise change of heart on May 17, announcing that it will offer “generous” buyouts to teachers who have spent a year or more in the Absent Teacher Reserve. Negotiations over the terms and amount of the buyout will begin in the next several weeks, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said.

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