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News stories | June 13, 2013 >>

“Schools need more alternatives to suspending students,” UFT Director of School Safety David Kazansky said at a public hearing on proposed changes to the citywide discipline code.

News stories | May 2, 2013 >>

UFT Director of School Safety David Kazansky testified before the City Council on the need to reduce student suspensions.

Testimony | April 15, 2013 >>

UFT Director of School Safety and Victim Support David Kazansky testified before the New York City Council Committees on Education, Juvenile Justice and Public Safety.

Around the UFT | September 6, 2012 >>

Disasters happen, and it is important to be prepared. That’s why more than 20 members of the UFT — including laboratory specialists and science teachers — spent four days in late August at the union’s Manhattan headquarters for the UFT Safety & Health Department’s 11th Annual Secondary School Chemical Emergency Response Training.

Editorials | June 28, 2012 >>

The Department of Education held a hearing on June 5 at Stuyvesant HS to consider proposed changes to the student Discipline Code that are meant to reduce the number of offenses for which students could be suspended. But some critics say the code is still too aggressive and does not adequately address racial disparities in suspensions.

What I do | May 24, 2012 >>

Based at PS 140 in the Lower East Side and in charge of 14 downtown schools, Smaltz has been keeping children and adults safe for 26 years.

News stories | March 22, 2012 >>

Ivan Dobis teaches technical drawing at Aviation HS in Long Island City, Queens. He also has a new assignment that he leapt at the chance to take: training the school’s students in health and safety practices on the job. “I feel like a new teacher again,” Dobis said about running the federally authorized class in workplace safety.

News stories | February 23, 2012 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew joined elected officials and educators in kicking off Respect for All Week with a press conference on Feb. 10. Twenty-four schools were honored at the event for their innovative programs that embrace diversity and differences, such as the school hosting the event, Manhattan’s Baruch College Campus HS.

News stories | December 22, 2011 >>

With the overall number of student suspensions on the rise, UFT Vice President Richard Farkas faulted the Department of Education for “an overreliance on suspension for disciplining students,” at a City Council Education Committee hearing on Nov. 30. “Students would be better served by a greater emphasis on prevention and intervention,” Farkas said in his testimony.

Testimony | November 30, 2011 >>

Richard Farkas, vice president for junior high and intermediate schools, testified before the New York City Council Committee on Education.

Around the UFT | November 10, 2011 >>
“They’re part of our school community, too, one of our partners doing a tough but important job,” UFT Bronx Borough Representative Jose Vargas said about the 21 school safety aides and two sergeants (both of whom are UFT members) honored at the borough office’s Bronx Safety Recognition Dinner on Oct. 27.
Around the UFT | November 10, 2011 >>
At PS 208 in Harlem, a grade 3-5 magnet school for environmental stewardship, a strong focus on creating an uplifting school environment founded on tolerance and respect has really paid off. Teacher Tammy Musiowsky came up with the idea of a student-designed T-shirt as a way to get students more involved.
News stories | October 27, 2011 >>

With many political supporters and plenty of press, the UFT launched a new campaign, called Be BRAVE Against Bullying, on Oct. 19. The multifaceted campaign aims at changing school culture so that bullying is recognized for what it is — and not tolerated.

News stories | October 27, 2011 >>

“Every single child has a right to go to school without being intimidated or harassed, and every parent has the right to know that their child can go to school safely,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said at a press conference at City Hall on Oct. 19 to announce a new anti-bullying hotline. The confidential hotline, staffed by licensed counselors, operates weekdays from 2:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

President's perspective | October 27, 2011 >>

Last month, a 14-year-old boy in Buffalo took his own life after years of relentless bullying. In school, classmates hurled anti-gay slurs at him. Online, they told him to kill himself. And so Jamey Rodemeyer became another victim of “bullycide.” It’s chilling that we even have a term for what happens to kids who are literally tormented to death.

Know your rights | October 27, 2011 >>

Learning cannot take place when students are unruly, disruptive or dangerous. Unfortunately, it takes only one or two disruptive students to interrupt the education of an entire class. What can teachers do when a child’s misbehavior interferes with other students’ learning? The UFT has fought hard to ensure that educators have the right to teach in a safe environment.

Feature stories | September 22, 2011 >>

At PS 80 in Jamaica, Queens, there were fights breaking out throughout the day — in the cafeteria, the schoolyard, the hallways and even during class. With skirmishes on so many fronts, longtime guidance counselor Max Nass couldn’t be in all the trouble spots at all times. He knew something had to be done — and fast.

Union resolutions | June 15, 2011 >>

The UFT resolves to call upon the city to speed up the replacement of boilers that burn dirty oil before the end of the mayor’s term in office.

News stories | April 28, 2011 >>

Harrowing stories of descent into the world of gang violence — and of redemption from it — came from ex-gang members who spoke at an all-day conference for educators, “Confronting Gangs and Bullying,” which was held on April 6 at UFT headquarters and co-sponsored with the Council for Unity and Teamsters Local 237, the union representing school safety agents.

Around the UFT | March 10, 2011 >>

Respect for All Week was filled with important life lessons for students at Staten Island’s Tottenville HS where a special bullying-prevention assembly — by the nationally touring theater group Box Out Bullying — was held for all 9th-11th graders on Feb. 16.

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