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News stories | March 27, 2014 >>

Teachers’ answers to the UFT‘s first comprehensive, random-sample survey of their work lives and professional views, conducted just before he left office, show just how grueling their working conditions became.

Feature stories | March 27, 2014 >>

Teachers’ answers to the UFT‘s comprehensive, random-sample survey of their work lives and professional views, conducted just before he left office, show just how low teacher morale has fallen and how grueling teachers’ working conditions have become.

Press releases | March 12, 2014 >>

More than 32,000 teachers walked away from jobs in NYC classrooms in the last 11 years, with a substantial number leaving for jobs in nearby suburban systems that have higher pay, lower class sizes and better teaching conditions.

President's perspective | March 6, 2014 >>

As we negotiate a new contract with the Department of Education, the question is not whether the city can afford to give raises, but whether it can afford not to. And the answer is simple — it can’t.

News stories | March 6, 2014 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew called for the Department of Education to review The New Teacher Project’s contract to conduct the training of New York City Teaching Fellows after a union survey found that nearly half of the graduates gave low marks to the training they received.

Editorials | March 6, 2014 >>

Would you want a doctor who had completed one year of medical school instead of four? A lawyer who had finished only one semester of law school?

News stories | March 6, 2014 >>

New teacher hiring picked up in the 2012-13 school year and during the start of this one as the DOE finally started to lift its recession-era hiring freeze. However, departures also increased, especially among experienced educators, adding to an outflow of teaching talent that has plagued the city schools in recent years.

News stories | June 27, 2013 >>

Nearly 800 new New York City Teaching Fellows packed the Baruch Center for the Performing Arts near Gramercy Park for the program’s annual welcome event for new fellows on June 17.

Vperspective | May 30, 2013 >>

For any organization to be successful, stability in its workforce, management and philosophy is essential. This is true whether it’s a business, a sports team or a school.

Insight | January 31, 2013 >>

Teachers are voting with their feet again. Though the 2008 recession and its aftermath reduced attrition among city teachers, it seems to be on the move now. According to new UFT data, teachers and other pedagogues are leaving the school system in much higher numbers than they were two years ago, even as the city has bumped up hiring.

Editorials | April 5, 2012 >>

Shortly after Mayor Bloomberg proposed giving new teachers in the “top tier” of their college class $25,000 to repay their student loans, UFT President Michael Mulgrew responded by sending a letter to Chancellor Dennis Walcott advising the city to modify the program to help address a problem more pressing than teacher recruitment: teacher retention.

News stories | April 5, 2012 >>

Mayor Bloomberg’s idea for a loan-forgiveness program to recruit talented teachers should be aimed at retaining teachers, not just hiring them, UFT President Michael Mulgrew warned as he called on the mayor and the Department of Education to negotiate the details with the union so that the plan accomplishes both goals.

Editorials | March 22, 2012 >>

Job satisfaction among teachers has plummeted to its lowest level in more than 20 years, according to MetLife’s most recent annual survey of the nation’s public school teachers. Only 44 percent of teachers surveyed reported being very satisfied with their jobs, compared with 59 percent in 2009.

Editorial cartoons | March 22, 2012 >>
Press releases | March 19, 2012 >>

UFT President Michael Mulgrew sent a letter to Chancellor Dennis Walcott urging the Department of Education to institute a student loan forgiveness program to increase teacher retention.

Insight | February 2, 2012 >>

With all the mayor’s talk about firing “ineffective” teachers, it seems there must be a big supply of replacements just waiting in the wings, busily perfecting their lesson plans and brushing up on testing metrics. One can only hope so. Because 6,000 teachers and support staff left on their own last year, even more than the year before.

Feature stories | January 19, 2012 >>

While New Yorkers are not surprised to discover that an office temp or the waitress serving them is really an aspiring performer, not many know of the Actors’ Work Program which helps professional performers find meaningful sidelines to supplement their incomes — including bringing them into the classroom as substitute teachers.

National education and labor news | November 10, 2011 >>

Following years of trying to recruit more minority teachers so that our national teaching force resembles the diversity in our student population, a new study finds that a high turnover rate among minority teachers is undermining that effort.

Feature stories | May 12, 2011 >>

Inspired by outstanding teachers, five young men — students at the Bronx Academy of Health Careers — have set their sights on becoming teachers themselves. Tenth-grader Shaquille Mualimmak wants to follow in the footsteps of his 5th-grade history teacher, David Varenne from PS 3.

National education and labor news | June 3, 2010 >>

While employment increased nationwide by 290,000 in April, it’s the worst job market for teachers since the Great Depression.

Schools that once couldn’t fill hard-to-staff positions with certified teachers are being flooded with applications.

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