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Learning curve | April 6, 2017 >>

Educators at PS 66 in Richmond Hill, Queens are striving to find the balance between encouraging English language learners to preserve their native language abilities and nurturing them in their burgeoning English skills while educating them alongside their native English-speaking peers.

Teacher to teacher | April 6, 2017 >>

By becoming more efficient, we can help ourselves, our current and future students, and future generations of teachers for whom we model the concept of teaching as a sustainable career rather than a draining, altruistic sprint.

Feature stories | April 6, 2017 >>

For 8th-graders at the Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School in Forest Hills, lessons in writing, art and social studies have come together in a published book of 25 interviews and portraits of social activists in New York City. 

Teacher to teacher | March 2, 2017 >>

I am a special education teacher who teaches performing arts in a theater program for children on the autism spectrum. I incorporate skill-building in my arts instruction — but these activities could just as easily be integrated into the rest of the classroom day.

Learning curve | February 2, 2017 >>

Even as student collaboration and group work are embraced in the modern classroom, some teachers are exploring the idea of redefining introversion as a source of strength.

Teacher to teacher | February 2, 2017 >>

I have pushed my kids to work at stations so that they spend more time doing hands-on/minds-on work and less time listening to my voice.

Feature stories | January 5, 2017 >>

The culmination of a recent lesson at PS 294 in the Bronx was making and eating healthy, vegetarian tacos. Hugo ate his taco in one big bite.

Feature stories | January 5, 2017 >>

In most classrooms, you’ll find one or two teachers. In Alexandra Hernandez’s classroom, there are 16.

Teacher to teacher | January 5, 2017 >>

Positioning myself as both a teacher and a learner creates a climate of respect and risk-taking, where my students and I can all feel free to take that extra leap and not be afraid to fall.

Learning curve | December 1, 2016 >>

“The goal is to help children improve by helping teachers improve,” says Tagrid Sihly, a reading coach in the DOE's University Literacy initiative.

Teacher to teacher | December 1, 2016 >>

Taking young children outdoors every day is an important and sometimes overlooked part of the early childhood curriculum.

Linking to learning | November 3, 2016 >>

So you’re thinking about assigning your class a book report. Consider the many alternatives.

News stories | November 3, 2016 >>

Teachers in many New York City public schools are using a brand-new social studies curriculum this fall that was designed and written entirely by their fellow New York City teachers.

News stories | November 3, 2016 >>

More than a third of all New York City public schools are lacking curriculum in at least one core subject, according to a new UFT survey of chapter leaders.

News stories | October 6, 2016 >>

Are you a new teacher looking for proven lesson plans? Are you a veteran educator looking for creative ways to reach students or eager to share your own innovative techniques? Check out the Share My Lesson website.

Teacher to teacher | October 6, 2016 >>

Rubrics that students create themselves are a great way for students to take ownership of their work and have a clear understanding of assessment criteria.

Learning curve | October 6, 2016 >>

What should homework look like? How long should it take? Should it even exist at all?

Teacher to teacher | September 8, 2016 >>

Here’s what I learned in my first year of co-teaching about building and sustaining a productive and positive relationship.

Feature stories | September 8, 2016 >>

At K280 — a pre-K center affiliated with PS 10 — teachers eschew traditional curriculum in favor of the Reggio Emilia approach to education. “This is what kids should be doing, exploring the world through their lens,” says teacher Sandy Fajgier. 

Feature stories | September 8, 2016 >>

In Angela Fremont's art class at PS 69 in Borough Park, Brooklyn, art, social studies, literacy and science are knitted together.

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