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Press releases | September 19, 2013 >>

Thousands of elementary and middle school classrooms began the second week of September without all the materials they need to teach the new Common Core curriculum, according to a survey of chapter leaders by the United Federation of Teachers.

Inside my classroom | September 5, 2013 >>

This Writers’ Work in Progress bulletin board is used to highlight new things my students are trying out as writers during Writing Workshop.

New teacher articles | September 5, 2013 >>

As a new teacher, you know how important it is to develop strong relationships with your students, colleagues and administrators. Here are some tips to help you lay the foundation for good communication with your students’ families.

Teacher to teacher | September 5, 2013 >>

The beginning of a new school year is filled with excitement and, undoubtedly, stress. Whether you are teaching the same grade and subject or headed to something new, getting back into the swing of things is not always easy.

Linking to learning | September 5, 2013 >>

Teachers know the importance of allowing students to craft their own stories: those they retell, adapt or imagine. Using technology to add sound and images to a story can expand its power and reach.

Teacher to teacher | June 27, 2013 >>

For teaching about 9/11, the September 11th Families’ Association recently published an excellent resource based on the stories of various kinds of people affected by the attacks.

News stories | June 13, 2013 >>

About a hundred teachers and administrators and a handful of children gathered at UFT headquarters on May 18 to get new ideas for classroom lessons involving LEGOs.

Teacher to teacher | June 13, 2013 >>

Although there is an emphasis now on teaching informational texts, making space in the curriculum for poetry can benefit students. Poetry allows both thought and silence on the page and has myriad forms. Especially for students who are not always eager readers, the range of poetry presents a compelling entry point.

Teacher to teacher | May 30, 2013 >>

Being an effective teacher requires more than simple mastery of the subject being taught. It also requires that you have good class management strategies set in place because a classroom that runs smoothly is the classroom that learns.

New teacher profiles | May 30, 2013 >>

Making up a "noun song" was a highlight for this new special education teacher in Harlem because it opened up the world of creating mnemonic devices. She finds they are boons for children who don’t always respond to the written word.

Teacher to teacher | May 16, 2013 >>

Play is steadily disappearing from kindergarten, which can have negative consequences for children’s academic success. This was not the intent of the Common Core. High-quality Choice Time experiences contribute to the overall development of a child.

Teacher to teacher | May 2, 2013 >>

How do students acquire the literacy skills to succeed in life? Here is an approach one educator took.

Teacher to teacher | April 11, 2013 >>

The development of caring bonds between teachers and their students not only nurtures healthy emotional and social development in young people but can also improve academic achievement. My students succeed because they believe I care about them. This motivates them to believe in themselves, stay focused, work hard and never give up.

News stories | March 21, 2013 >>

Telling the story of that epochal 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom to public school students is a project of the Albert Shanker Institute, a think tank supported by the American Federation of Teachers, which is creating a set of lesson plans on the occasion of the march’s 50th anniversary.

Teacher to teacher | March 21, 2013 >>

One of the biggest challenges that I have grappled with as an educator is how to help students write. Students can develop creative, reasoned and intellectually stimulating thoughts and responses to questions. However, they often lack the grammatical tools needed to best communicate their ideas.

President's perspective | February 28, 2013 >>

Our union and our profession have been under attack in the last several years. We’re told we don’t work hard enough, that our results with our students are not great enough, that our profession and our schools need to be “reformed” for the sake of our children. But those who attack us do not understand teaching, and they do not understand just how hard our jobs are.

Teacher to teacher | February 28, 2013 >>

With the current conversation about the common core and college readiness, it is necessary for students to learn as early as elementary school how to talk about their learning. We should expose children to the different modes of learning and help them articulate which one suits them best.

Teacher to teacher | February 14, 2013 >>

After several days of listening to my 11th-grade students loudly voice their disinterest and confusion as we worked — or, more precisely, slogged — our way through Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” they were suddenly begging me to keep reading to them.

Teacher to teacher | January 31, 2013 >>

Toe to toe across a desk, we examine a project together. Nothing supplants the time spent during a one-on-one conference in propelling students’ progress — not just with their work, but with their growth as human beings, too. Too often students sit lost in a sea of other seemingly knowing bodies, afraid to admit they don’t get it.

Teacher to teacher | January 17, 2013 >>
The adoption of the Common Core Learning Standards provides social studies teachers with an opportunity to rethink day-to-day practices that have the potential to dramatically transform how students read, write and think about the subject.
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