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UFT history

News stories | December 6, 2018 >>

The union faced some of the gravest threats in its history over the past year. At Teacher Union Day, members celebrated how the UFT had emerged stronger than ever because they had banded together to face those challenges.

Feature stories | December 6, 2018 >>

Activist Velma Hill and UFT founder Albert Shanker had crossed paths in the civil rights movement. So when Hill, armed with a master’s in education from Harvard, decided she wanted to organize paraprofessionals, she approached Shanker in 1968.

Union resolutions | November 7, 2018 >>

The UFT will never forget what happened on Nov. 7, 1960, and will commemorate it each year as one of UFT’s greatest achievements, a job action that ultimately resulted in substantial and significant improvements in public education as well as the personal and professional lives of our members.

Feature stories | November 1, 2018 >>

Shelvy Young-Abrams, who leads the 29,000-member UFT Paraprofessional Chapter that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has come a long way from the young single mom who became involved in education through volunteer work at her daughters' Manhattan elementary school.

News stories | June 7, 2018 >>

Charles Sutera, who served as the UFT’s vice president for middle schools from 1987 to 1995, passed away in May. 

Around the UFT | May 3, 2018 >>

The stories of scores of women who helped to build the UFT into the powerhouse it is today were told at a HERstory Sunday brunch on March 25 at union headquarters in Manhattan as part of Women's History Month.

Union resolutions | March 28, 2018 >>

We, the current members of the UFT, heartily thank those who preceded us and whose efforts allow us today to proudly celebrate our 58th anniversary, knowing that the UFT has made unique and important contributions to public education, to unionism and to millions of people’s lives.

Union resolutions | November 8, 2017 >>

On this, the 57th anniversary of the 1960 strike, we remember the struggles of those who came before us, and salute them for standing up for what is right.

News | November 7, 2017 >>

The UFT has your back. That was the common thread running through the Teacher Union Day celebration on Nov. 5.

News stories | October 5, 2017 >>

Teacher Union Day, which takes place this year on Sunday, Nov. 5, commemorates the 1960 strike that put the newly formed UFT on the path to being the activist organization it is today.

News stories | October 5, 2017 >>

Bob Astrowsky, one of the UFT’s most beloved leaders whose service to the union spanned more than 50 years, died on Sept. 3 after a long battle with several medical issues. He was 76.

Union resolutions | March 22, 2017 >>

We, the current members of the UFT, say to all those who came before us “thank you” for yesterday’s efforts which enable us today to proudly celebrate our 57th anniversary knowing that the UFT has made a remarkable contribution to public education, to unionism and to millions of people’s lives.

Feature stories | December 1, 2016 >>

Charles Cogen Award recipient Emil Pietromonaco was discussing his career path at Teacher Union Day on Nov. 6 — about how he went from being a math teacher to becoming his school’s chapter leader, to UFT district and borough representative and finally to secretary of the UFT.

Union resolutions | October 19, 2016 >>

As we mark the 1960 strike and 56 years of unionism, we salute the founders of this union, the union’s many leaders and the loyal members who stood up for their rights time and time again.

News stories | April 7, 2016 >>

Two names were added to the Wall of Honor in the lobby of UFT headquarters on March 14 when former officers Harriet Merchant and Aminda Gentile were recognized for their significant contributions to the union.

Union resolutions | March 23, 2016 >>

In keeping with the UFT’s 56-year tradition, we re-commit ourselves to advocating for our members and the children and vulnerable populations whom we serve.

News stories | December 3, 2015 >>

Anne Kessler, a crucial player in the founding of the UFT and a union activist for more than 60 years, died on Nov. 6. She was 98.

Union resolutions | November 12, 2015 >>

On this anniversary of the 1960 strike, we pay tribute to our founders and other members who through courage, loyalty, dedication and painstaking work made it possible for us to proclaim proudly today our membership in the UFT.

News stories | April 2, 2015 >>

The UFT lost a founding member and former officer with the passing of Morris Shapiro, who died in January at the age of 101.

News stories | April 2, 2015 >>

Friends and colleagues gathered to pay tribute to former UFT Treasurer Harriet Merchant at funeral services following her death on March 11 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. She was 79.

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