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War on Truth

Around the UFT | June 1, 2017 >>

UFT members attended a seminar on exercise and sports-related injuries, the school year’s final event in the Welfare Fund Medical Learning Series.

News | June 10, 2015 >>

A front group for Wall Street financiers has tried to drum up support for Gov. Cuomo’s education tax credit by making recorded phone calls and sending glossy mailers to New York homes. But there appears to be little truth in this advertising. In our opinion, one glossy mailer misrepresents the proposal as something aimed at helping teachers. Huh? We decided it needed a few corrections.

Feature stories | February 6, 2014 >>

Richard Berman, a public relations executive with a history of helping corporations bash the labor movement, has unleashed a campaign to smear the American Federation of Teachers and its president, Randi Weingarten.

News stories | February 17, 2011 >>

The battle over teacher layoffs has taken to the airwaves but one of the combatants isn’t exactly what it claims to be. Education Reform Now, which since Feb. 10 has run a TV ad attacking seniority-based layoffs, purports to be an independent advocacy group that just coincidentally has an agenda similar to the mayor’s.

Feature stories | December 16, 2010 >>

There’s a political action committee called Democrats for Education Reform. A great name, but I heard that they only support nonunion charter schools, bash unions and get subsidized by Wall Street hedge-fund managers. What’s up with that?

News stories | June 17, 2010 >>

Novice filmmaker Madeleine Sackler’s debut documentary, “The Lottery,” appears at first glance to be a compelling look at four families’ search for the best education for their children. The action follows them in the months leading up to the lottery at which the next incoming class at Eva Moskowitz’s Harlem Success Academy charter schools will be chosen.

News stories | June 3, 2010 >>

Maybe it turned up in your mailbox — the glossy brochure comes from Education Reform Now, an organization that has spared no expense in publicizing its point of view in TV ads and now a new brochure blanketing the city. Let’s take a look at what it’s saying ... and provide some real analysis and perspective on the issues.

News stories | June 3, 2010 >>

Who paid for the recent mass mailing of the glossy flier attacking the UFT? In two words: hedge funds. In the corner of the back page of the flier is the note “Paid for by Education Reform Now” and a Manhattan return address.

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