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News stories | April 4, 2019

At Forest Hills HS in Queens, Chapter Leader Adam Bergstein and his members have passed a vote of no confidence against their principal.

News stories | April 4, 2019

A substantial increase in state funding for New York City public schools topped the agenda for the more than a thousand UFT members and public school parents who traveled to Albany on March 18 to meet with their state representatives for the UFT’s annual Lobby Day.

News | April 16, 2019

Here are some helpful instructions on how to register online for the 2019 Spring Education Conference.

News stories | April 4, 2019

UFT President Michael Mulgrew made the case for more funding for school programs that directly aid students in budget testimony on March 20 before the City Council Education Committee. At the same time, he asked the Council members to make sure state funds are not derailed or swallowed up the city’s education bureaucracy.

News | April 3, 2019

The DOE is offering a voluntary severance to all members of the ATR pool and to UFT-represented employees in Title I-funded positions in the nonpublic schools.

Press releases | April 18, 2019

UFT President Michael Mulgrew won his fourth term as the union’s president, according to results tabulated by the American Arbitration Association. Mulgrew, the Unity Caucus candidate, received 38,591 votes, or 86.2 percent of the votes cast.

News stories | April 4, 2019

More than 1,000 UFT members and guests — including James Geigel, his immigrant grandparents Angelina and Modesto Hernandez and his mother Nitza Hernandez — all paras or paras who became teachers — packed the New York Hilton's Grand Ballroom to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the chapter.

News | March 28, 2019

At this year's UFT Spring Education Conference on Saturday, May 18, at the New York Hilton, attendees will enjoy breakfast, a town hall, exhibits, new workshops, and a gala luncheon. 

News stories | April 4, 2019

The UFT unveiled its new app a year ago. With UFT-Mobile, members can handle much of their union business, from registering for CTLE classes to checking what the DOE-UFT contract says on key topics to calling a union office or Welfare Fund program.

News stories | April 4, 2019

UFT President Michael Mulgrew reminded the Delegate Assembly on March 20 that the new citywide safety standards called for in the DOE-UFT contract are in effect and he urged chapter leaders who hadn’t gotten the necessary training to do so as soon as possible.

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