The Health and Cancer HelpLine

A “listening ear” in your time of need

All members are eligible to use the counseling and information services provided by this unit in the UFT Welfare Fund.

A full-time, experienced social worker and peer counselors provide help for members who are afflicted with any type of life-threatening illness. Services provided include assisting members with obtaining a medical leave, helping navigate the insurance system and providing counseling while undergoing medical treatment.

Referrals are also offered for care-giving services; individual, married-couple or group therapy; and substance-abuse treatment.

Most counseling is provided in-person or by telephone during business hours. It's best to call ahead to ensure that time will be set aside for you. Call the UFT Welfare Fund’s main number at 212-539-0500 and ask to speak with a Health and Cancer HelpLine Counselor.

 All contacts are strictly confidential.

The Health and Cancer HelpLine is a benefit provided through the UFT Welfare Fund. For more information on health benefits provided through the Welfare Fund, visit the Health Benefits section of the UFT website.

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