RTC - Medicare Part B Reimbursement for 2017

Your Medicare Part B reimbursement for 2017 was sent in April 2018, by either direct-deposit or via regular mail if you do not have direct deposit for your pension payment.

The standard Medicare Part B premium for 2017 was between $110 and $134. If you did not get the full reimbursement for your Medicare Part B premiums, minus any penalties, you may be eligible for a differential payment.

You are eligible for this differential payment if:

  • Your Medicare Part B and/or your dependent’s Medicare Part B effective date is prior to 2016
  • You and/or your dependent did not receive Social Security benefits, therefore, you were billed directly for Medicare Part B premiums
  • You were newly enrolled in Medicare Part B in 2017 and did not receive the higher reimbursement because you are a member of TIAA (CUNY), Brooklyn or Queens Public Library, or are a Line of Duty Survivor.

You DO NOT need to file a separate differential form if:

  • If you have applied, or intend to apply, for IRMAA reimbursement for 2017 as that will notify the Office of Labor Relations that you are eligible for the differential.
  • Your Medicare enrollment effective date was during the calendar year 2016 or later (because you already received the $134- per month you were entitled to).

If you are required to file a Medicare Pt B Differential form:

Please complete the Medicare Part B Differential Request form that was mailed to you, or find it online at: www1.nyc.gov/assets/olr/downloads/pdf/health/med-b-differential-form.pdf

Mail the form to: NYC Health Benefits Program, Attn: Medicare Part B Differential Unit, Church St Station, PO BOX 3478, New York, NY 10008-3478

Please note: Penalties relating to late Medicare Part B enrollment are not reimbursed.

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