Your principal is required to meet with your UFT chapter committee once a month on matters of school policy. This meeting is a contractual vehicle that gives you and your chapter a voice in matters of concern to you and your school community.

The chapter committee sets the agenda. The principal also must consult with the chapter leader on the school’s budget and staffing, compensatory time positions and qualifications, the school safety plan, the menu of professional activities and the faculty conference agenda.

In addition, if there is a systemic school concern you want addressed, speak to your chapter leader about raising it during a consultation meeting. Your district representative also has a monthly consultation meeting with your superintendent. Article 19H of the contract offers more guidance on union consultation. 

Under the new contract, the chapter can use consultation committee meetings to raise school-specific Operational Issues involving paperwork, provision of curricula, professional development, basic instructional supplies, workload of certain employees, and space. If the principal does not resolve the issue within 5 days, the complaint will be escalated to the District Paperwork and Operational Issues Committee.

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