Maternity Leave

You can start your maternity leave at any time during your pregnancy, if it is necessary for medical reasons. It will end six weeks after the birth of your baby or eight weeks in the case of a documented c-section. If your recuperation requires more time and you have medical documentation, you can use your CAR (sick bank) and then borrow up to 20 sick days if necessary. You may also be entitled to a grace period, which pays you for all weekends and holidays during the 30 days following the exhaustion of the days in your sick bank. Your payroll secretary can tell you how many days remain in your sick bank. Call your UFT borough office if you have questions.

If you are disabled as the result of pregnancy, on approved health leave and you have medical documentation, the UFT Welfare Fund will pay for up to eight additional months of medical benefits identical to what you had while working.

Following a maternity leave, either parent can apply for a child care leave which begins six weeks after the birth of your baby and can last for a period up to the September following the fourth birthday of your child. In this case, you must apply again each year.

If you have questions, call your UFT borough office for assistance.

For more information about leaves of absence and how to apply for them, visit the Absences, Leaves and Sabbaticals section »

Also see  Cumulative Absence Reserve.

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