School-Based Option (SBO)

A School-Based Option (SBO) allows staff at a school the flexibility to collaboratively modify contractual articles or to create positions not automatically allowed under the contract. 

An SBO can be proposed by either the principal or the chapter leader on behalf of the chapter. However, a principal cannot force the chapter to hold a vote on any SBO, and an SBO cannot be adopted unless at least 55 percent of UFT members at the school vote to support it.

An SBO remains in effect for only one school year. It must be renewed every year to continue, which requires a vote of the chapter. The only SBO modification that does not sunset at the end of the school year is for elementary schools that are changing from an eight-period day to a seven-period day. If your elementary school wishes to return to an eight-period day, another SBO is required.

Read more about SBOs:

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