014 JF_Parade_01.jpgJonathan FickiesUFT President Michael Mulgrew (front, center) stands with (from left) paraprofessional representatives Lisa Boncardo and Yolanda Loder-Taitt, Chapter Leader Sarah Evens of PS 172 in Queens and Diane Yodice of the Queens UFT Health and Safety Department before the start of the Labor Day Parade on Sept. 9 in Manhattan.
Paraprofessionals were out in force at this year’s Labor Day Parade.Paraprofessionals were out in force at this year’s Labor Day Parade.
014 JF_Parade_12.jpgJonathan FickiesBronx chapter leaders (from left) Danielle Minor of PS 175, Christine O'Callaghan of PS 106 and Tom Whitman of PS 76 remind Labor Day Parade watchers to vote against the state constitutional convention proposition on the Nov. 7 ballot.
014 JF_Parade_06.jpgJonathan FickiesOfficers, staff and members line up behind the UFT banner.
014 JF_Parade_16.jpgJonathan FickiesThe UFT parade float heads up Fifth Avenue.
014 JF_Parade_04.jpgJonathan FickiesUFT Family Child Care Providers Chapter Chair Tammie Miller (right) with (from left) Secretary Esmemary Akinsanmi, and borough chairs Claudette Bart and Melissa Reed.
014 JF_Parade_05.jpgJonathan FickiesUFT District 2 Representative Jessica Harvey (center) with (from left) PS 1 Chapter Leader Seung Lee, District 2 Pre-K Centers Co-chapter Leaders Rachel Goetz and Angie Lee and PS 6 Chapter Leader Gloria Winograd get ready for the parade.
014 JF_Parade_11.jpgJonathan FickiesMembers of the UFT’s Asian American Heritage Committee march along Fifth Avenue.
014 JF_Parade_07.jpgJonathan FickiesParaprofessional Yolanda Velez (left) and teacher Maria Caceres from PS 257 in Brooklyn march with the UFT.
014 JF_Parade_10.jpgJonathan FickiesUFT founder George Altomare and his dog, Jack, walk side by side.
014 JF_Parade_03.jpgJonathan FickiesUFT retirees send a strong message from atop the parade bus: Vote no on Nov. 7 on the state constitutional convention.
014 JF_Parade_02.jpgJonathan FickiesAFT President Randi Weingarten (second from left) poses with (from left) Paraprofessional Representative Yolanda Loder-Taitt of PS 19 in Manhattan, Chapter Leader Ellen Gentilviso of Manhattan’s PS 110, and Paraprofessional Representative Lisa Boncardo of PS 105 in the Bronx and Paraprofessionals Chapter Second Vice Chair Hector Ruiz.

Nearly 600 UFT members proudly marched in the Labor Day Parade in Manhattan on Sept. 9 at a moment in U.S. history when workers' rights and benefits are under fierce attack.

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