327 0115.jpgMiller Photography UFT Child care providers and Chapter Leader Tammie Miller (first row, third from right} have fun with the toys that help preschoolers learn.
327 0092.jpgMiller Photography The scarf dance is really a lesson in using kinesthetic learning tools — the scarves — in a conference workshop on Grooving and Growing Young Minds.
327 0134.jpgMiller Photography Penda Cisse (left) of Harlem and Larisa Gavrilov of Queens use manipulatives in a math workshop.
327 0214.jpgMiller Photography Providers listen to speaker Anne Goldman, the UFT vice president for non-DOE members.
327 0030.jpgMiller Photography Brooklyn providers Sophia Bell and Craig Ross are fully engaged in the Bugs, Bugs, Bugs workshop.
327 0156.jpgMiller Photography Mary Richards (left) and Marie Joseph, both from Brooklyn, check out books for the children in their centers.
327 0048.jpgMiller Photography Providers try out the musical instruments they have just created to a chorus of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”
327 0241.jpgMiller Photography Nobody left the conference empty-handed.
327 0123.jpgMiller Photography Queens providers Ruth Hernandez and Manny Zevallos practice their moves in the Grooving and Learning workshop.
327 0220.jpgMiller Photography UFT Vice President for Non-DOE Members Anne Goldman (right) stops to chat with Roslyn O’Dinga (left) of the UFT Teacher Center and Bronx provider Irma Torres at the end of a busy day.

“To appreciate,” according to the dictionary, is to recognize the true worth of someone or something, and that’s exactly what 240 UFT family child-care providers received at the 2016 Provider Appreciation Conference on May 21 at union headquarters.

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