District 8 Meet the President

November 18, 2015
  • Members from PS 48 were pleased to join their colleagues at the District 8 Meet the President held at the Bronx borough office on Nov. 18. (Miller Photography)
  • Bronx Borough Representative Howie Schoor (at the microphone) welcomes District 8 members to the event, noting that members from many job titles were present including teachers, paraprofessionals and secretaries. (Miller Photography)
  • UFT President Michael Mulgrew speaks candidly with the District 8 members about current issues in education. (Miller Photography)
  • Members from District 8 in the Bronx listen attentively as Mulgrew addresses current education policies and calls upon them to exercise their professional voice. (Miller Photography)
  • In a packed house, members in District 8 listen attentively as Mulgrew lauds their commitment to educating all children attending Bronx public schools. (Miller Photography)
  • Special education resources and supports was the hot topic of the question period, and Amy Pawlina from PS 72 in the Bronx voices her concerns. (Miller Photography)
  • Julio Gomez, a special education teacher from PS 71 in the Bronx affirms support for teacher voice in professional development. (Miller Photography)
  • Elisa Mortas, a teacher from the Antonio Pantoja Preparatory Academy, was among the members who asked questions regarding educating children with special needs. (Miller Photography)
  • Members from PS 72 with District 8 Representative Robert Fernandez (standing, far left) and Borough Representative Howard Schoor (standing, second from left). (Miller Photography)
  • Members from PS 119 and PS 175. (Miller Photography)
  • Members from PS 46. (Miller Photography)
  • District 8 paraprofessionals came out in full force at the Nov. 18 Meet the President event in the Bronx. (Miller Photography)

More than 200 District 8 educators gathered at the Bronx borough office on Nov. 18 for a discussion with UFT President Michael Mulgrew. He covered a range of issues including special education policy, evaluations, testing mandates, the assault on public-sector unions and opening up classrooms to facilitate collaboration.

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