Labor Day Parade - parasAlison GendarUFT President Michael Mulgrew (center) helps the paraprofessionals celebrate their 50th anniversary at the parade.
Large group of people wearing Union Proud shirtsPat ArnowThe UFT contingent marches up Fifth Avenue.
Large crowd of people marchingPat ArnowSpirits are high as the UFT contingent reaches Central Park.
Man looking over at crowd of people from abovePat ArnowUFT President Michael Mulgrew, the parade's grand marshal, greets the crowd.
Large crowd of peoplePat ArnowUFT members enjoy the march.
Woman waving down from the top of a double-decker busPat ArnowUFT retirees wave at the crowd from the double-decker bus.
Man and woman wearing union shirtsPat ArnowTeachers Richard and Bonnie Skibins, who met at PS 123 in Brooklyn 25 years ago, have been married 20 years.
Group of three people wearing Union Proud shirtsJamie PolzinMembers enjoy the parade.
three giant marionette puppetsPat ArnowThese large marionettes were a big hit.
Kids bouncing in a bounce housePat ArnowChildren enjoy the bounce house at the family BBQ.
Man and boy sitting on ground with foodPat ArnowSeung Lee, a science teacher and the chapter leader at PS 1 in Manhattan, enjoys the family BBQ with his son Eoin. "We had a great time," he said.

More than 1,200 UFT members turned out in force to celebrate union strength and pride at the Labor Day Parade in the wake of the Janus Supreme Court case. For the first time, members also enjoyed a family BBQ after the parade.

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